11 Fave Elton John Moments


By Samantha Henderson

As we prepare for the release of 'Diving Board,' we take a look back

3. Elton as Donald Duck in Central Park

For some reason, this one doesn't make us cry as much, but definitely still a little bit. We can't help it. That song makes everything beautiful, regardless of costumes.

2. "Elton's Song"

This is an obscure one, but a goodie. Elton isn't in the video, which is instead a small film about a teenager's crush on another boy at school (an all boys' school, naturally) only causes him shame and despair. Oh, we know your pain. Again with the tears. 

1. The Muppet Show with Elton John

This "Crocodile Rock" scene has inspired multitudes of imitators. Just ask Cee-Lo.