11 Fave Elton John Moments


By Samantha Henderson

As we prepare for the release of 'Diving Board,' we take a look back

9. Superbowl Pepsi commercial

So, he would never perform at the Superbowl itself, but he was down to star in a lavish medieval court-style "commercial" aka music video for X-Factor USA winner Melanie Amaro. He may be playing a tyrant who won't share the Pepsi, but those platforms kind of make up for any character flaws.

8. Eminem makes "Good" with the Gays

Eminem hasn't aways done a good job respecting the LGBTQ community, but he tried to clean up his public image by performing with Elton at the Grammys in 2006. Whether Eminem as a pro-gay or even tolerant public figure is still dubious, but the performance was undoubtedly notable for both artists and the discourse between the rap and hip-hop community and LGBTQ issues.

7. RuPaul and Elton sing "Don't Go Breaking My Heart"

The fact that this video exists may also be a sign that God also does exist. Gay-ified "American Gothic?" Channeling Marie Antoinette? Yes please. We're also trying to buy those candy hearts, wherever they are in '90s ether.