11 Fave Elton John Moments


By Samantha Henderson

As we prepare for the release of 'Diving Board,' we take a look back

Last year we caught up with Elton John (The Godfather of the Gay Mafia, according to Will & Grace) and husband David Furnish to honor them both in the Out100 (see the exclusive shot of them in their fab London home/art gallery), but the pop maestro hasn't released a studio album since 2006.

All we've had to live on is Moulin Rouge, old albums on repeat, and YouTube videos. Life is really hard.

So with the release of Diving Board tomorrow, we thought we'd compile 11 of our favorite Elton moments to share (we're sure you have your own preferred "Candle in the Wind" vid, which is it?).

11. "I'm Still Standing"

If only all of our vacations were like this: hanging out in the South of France with hot beachgoers covered in body paint, wearing bright-colored suits, dancing with canes, all that fun stuff. And we sincerely appreciate that the men are basically wearing the same small bathing suits that the women are. 

10. Elton disses Madonna

He's no fan of Madge, and he makes it publicly known, calling her out for lip syncing (an aside the interviewer neatly avoids). He even declared in 2012 her career completely over. Oh well, we can't all be best friends.