EXCLUSIVE: Bernie Taupin & T Bone Burnett Discuss Elton John's 'The Diving Board'


By Jerry Portwood

In a rare interview, Elton John's long-time collaborator and producer discuss the single's lyrics

Bernie Taupin has been collaborating with Elton John for decades, writing many of his most memorable songs. Now we get to hear him talk about the first single from Elton's new album. In this friendly chat, T Bone Burnett asks Taupin (who he calls a "keen observer" of Elton's) about the autobiographical elements of "The Diving Board." Taupin says the songs contains themes that are present in the song "Idol" and says he's been asked if it's about Lindsay Lohan.

"I don't see it in those terms," Taupin explains. "It goes back to Judy Garland, classic divas who battled with their own demons. It's a metaphor on fame."

'The Diving Board' is available Sept. 24, and pre-order from iTunes.

Watch the video interview below: