Garçon Garçon: Instant Attraction


By Julien Sauvalle

The Aussie electro-pop duo is back with a sizzling new single just in time for Pride

Photo: Elvis di Fazio

You both have great style: Who are you favorite designers?

Nathan: That’s very nice of you to say! One of my favourite things about being in a band is doing shoots and videos and getting to dress up in all these amazing things from all these clever people like Jeremy Scott, Adidas Originals, A.P.C., Opening Ceremony... I am really loving the Australian label Popissue right now, we wore lots of their pieces in our video. Check them out!

Nick: This is a funny statement, because I have worn the same ripped jeans for the past four days. Or maybe it was five... But, I will take it!

Are you planning on coming back to the States soon?

Nathan: We hope to be back there sometime soon, maybe later this year? I love the U.S. I used to live in New York, so it’s like coming home when I visit. I love going to Westgay, shopping at Opening Ceremony, eating at Freemans, seeing some art at the New Museum, and gigs at The Bowery or Williamsburg Music Hall. I also really love LA, Palm Springs and San Fran. Next time I'm over I would really like to visit some new places like Austin, TX, or San Diego.

Nick: For me, the tour was actually my first time in the States, so there were so many things that I didn't have time to experience. I had heaps of embarrassing and naive tourist blunders too such as not realizing that Central Park was like a really fucking big park with a zoo and walking trails and crazy drunk people. I guess it might be the same as the people who come to Sydney and expect to see kangaroos hopping down the road? I can't wait to go back. Did I mention that the guys are ridiculously attractive too?

Is 'Instant Attraction' part of a larger project: new EP, LP? Tell us about what you're working on and your upcoming projects.

Nick: We have a lot of songs on the verge of completion songs that we are really excited about. At the moment I’m in the process of relocating to Berlin, but now that the single is out, as soon as I’m settled I will be back on my laptop working on the production of new songs.

Nathan: I’m really excited about the new material, it’s a little bit darker than our first EP. Since Nick is moving away, it’s a good chance for us to regroup and figure out what next exactly. I’m not sure if it will be an album or an EP but there will be something new by the end of the year, and hopefully more shows overseas.

Is there someone in particular who you’d like to work with?

Nathan: I have a total crush on Grimes and would love to do a song with her. I think we would sound cute together! Also I would love to contribute a song to the soundtrack of the next Nicolas Winding Refn ('Drive') or Derek Cianfrance ('The Place Beyond The Pines') films. We have some new material that would be perfect for them hint, hint.

Nick: I would really like to do some visual work with Roy Raz for one of our music videos. His visual aesthetic is leaps beyond anything I’m seeing out there at the moment in terms of style, imagination, and narrative. He’s a really smart guy. Musically, Simian Mobile Disco or Röyksopp would be pretty high on the list!

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Photo: Elvis di Fazio