Garçon Garçon: Instant Attraction


By Julien Sauvalle

The Aussie electro-pop duo is back with a sizzling new single just in time for Pride

Photo: Elvis di Fazio

Garçon Garçon make perfect bedroom pop —that's what the critics say. Hailing from Sydney, Nathan Mahon and Nick Tsirimokos began gaining online traction in 2011 with their remix of Patrick Wolf's 'Together' and a collaboration with rapper Cazwell. Last year, they released 'Stay In Touch', which we're still playing on loop on our iPods. With their new single 'Instant Attraction', the bring back their infectuous '80s beats and a flair for (slightly) melancholic lyrics about gay lovers.We just want to tell them: The attraction is mutual.

How's life been since the release of your first EP last year?

Nathan: Nick and I both still have full-time day jobs! I don’t think I realized just how much work is involved in striving for your goal. It’s been a huge learning experience and I feel like we’re better informed now about how to approach things. At the same time, it would be nice to be signed to a record label and have them hold your hand through some of this stuff and help you grow.

Nick: I was really surprised and a little chuffed at the types of opportunities that came from the release of the EP. I mean, we are essentially just two Aussie guys making music in our bedrooms, independently, and with limited marketing budget. Touring has simply given us the confidence to drive forward and continue making the music we do. Knowing that people are listening and connecting with your music is a really nice feeling it makes you want to give as much as you can, and we intend to.

What's your best memory from tour?

Nathan: The tour was amazing! I didn’t want it to end! There were so many funny moments and incredible people along the way. It was really special playing at Folsom in San Francisco alongside Ladyhawke, Little Boots, and Hi Fashion. Paris was crazy: They were such a fun audience and the party we played at La Java was incredible and full of super-cool club kids. I could keep going on and on and on…

Nick: I got drunk and ate a hotdog in the gutter with Ladyhawke no cheese because we are both lactose intolerant. I think I sprained my finger from texting and instagramming all my mates that night! City wise, NYC was by far the most special place. Not only did we get to play at Frankie Sharp's ridiculously fun club night Westgay, but we also just had time to soak up the city and the people, and spend all our money at Opening Ceremony. I fell in love with that city.

What inspired your new single, 'Instant Attraction'?

Nathan: The lyrics are all about that moment you meet someone and the sparks start to fly and there is serious chemistry between you and that new person. I think a lot of the time we are trying to figure out what it means exactly: Should we be lovers? Should we be dating? Should we sleep with each other and then just be friends? The lyrics are all about going through that process but not being too hard on yourself and just letting go and whether it’s right or wrong, just enjoying the experience.

Nick: Yep, that is pretty much the story! I think one publication described it as "Even hipsters can't resist the power of music and hormones". I like that. Musically, I really tried to scale the layers back for this one. I think the EP was so overstated... Like, a lot more instruments, more sounds. So, for this one we decided to try and use less layers to still power the same level of emotional output.