Need to Know: Rhye's Mike Milosh


By Editors

Plus other dudes that sing like ladies.

A few months ago, the mysterious group Rhye floated dreamily into our ears with their bouncy, Bacharach-style single, “The Fall,” a track anchored by breathy, honeyed vocals that signaled the second coming of Sade. But it turns out the sultry chanteuse who we thought was singing is actually… a man! And… a Canadian! The L.A.-based duo of Mike Milosh (he of the gentle pipes) and Robin Hannibal are now releasing their aptly named debut album, Woman (out March 5 on Loma Vista), which got us thinking: What other musical blokes have we mistaken for chicks? We look back and rate them on their lady-ness.

FIRST: Watch Rhye's video for "Open" below: