OUT June July 2016
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LISTEN: LE1F & Boody's New 'LIQUID' EP

LISTEN: LE1F & Boody's New 'LIQUID' EP

It hasn't even been year since New York's rawest gay rapper LE1F dropped his debut mixtape Dark York, and now he is back, this time teaming up with long time friend Boody on their latest release LIQUID EP.  

LE1F, who is honored in this year's OUT100, released electro thrashes and busy, witty snaps and cracks on Dark York, but LIQUID is a bit more focused.  It would be difficult to blast LIQUID at a club or a party; the wet thumps of 'Jelly Fish,' the chilling coos and ritualistic clanks of 'Buoys' cast an almost icy atmosphere that can only be experienced via headphones.  

LIQUID doesn't stray too far from Dark York, but it certaintly amplifies LE1F's talent and magic.  Hear it below:

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