The 25 Songs of Summer


By Editors

Whether you're looking for steamy encounters or laidback fun, here's your playlist for the months ahead.

Pictured above: Scissor Sisters

21. SCISSOR SISTERS: Only the Horses
The Sisters’ latest is a major departure from their usual work, with its pop-friendly sound (engineered by Rihanna’s “We Found Love” soundsmith Calvin Harris) and heavy dance beat. However, it strikes a chord with its emotionally resonant lyrics and a towering chorus.

22. SSION: My Love Grows in the Dark
Queer underground favorite SSION is ripe to break out this summer with the re-release of his album Bent. This track, a clean and danceable pop ballad with an unforgettable hook, practically guarantees it. Watch a video here.

23. TANLINES: Not the Same
This latest single from the dreamy indie-electronica duo, off the album Mixed Emotions, is a melancholy gem of a song, perfect for hot days spent sweating off long nights.

24. TWIN SHADOWS: Five Seconds
The first single off the new record from Twin Shadow’s George Lewis Jr., “Five Seconds” is a fast-paced, dynamic love song perfect for summer love -- falling in or getting over.

25. WYNTER GORDON: Still Getting Younger
Former J.Lo songwriter Gordon is ready to break out solo. “Still Getting Younger” will make a splash on the club scene this season with its effective pairing of Gordon’s soulful (albeit youthful) voice and toe-tapping synth beats.

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