The 25 Songs of Summer


By Editors

Whether you're looking for steamy encounters or laidback fun, here's your playlist for the months ahead.

Pictured above: Garbage

6. DIVE: How Long Have You Known
Indie pop fans should look no further than Dive, the latest project from Beach Fossils vet Zachary Cole Smith. The first single of the band’s debut album, this song shimmers and shines for three fun, stunning minutes of exactly what we want our life to sound like.

Already a hit in the U.K., “Heaven” is poised to make a dent on the club scene this summer thanks to Sandé’s giant voice, brilliant songwriting, and the aid of relentless drums and seductive sax licks. READ the full STORY and WATCH a FACE to FACE VIDEO here.

8. FRIENDS: I’m His Girl
The R&B-influenced rock of Friends is never more on point than in this bass-heavy, grind-ready love song. Choose this track from the group’s debut album, Manifest!, to turn your friendly rooftop drinking session into something a bit steamier.

9. FUN.: Some Nights
Part voice-modulating throwback, part wistful pop rumination, this follow-up to the adorable band’s wildly popular “We Are Young,” which featured Janelle Monáe, may be overly grand, but it also predicts all those delightful mistakes to make before autumn returns.

10. GARBAGE: Blood for Poppies
It’s been years since we last heard from Shirley Manson and Garbage, but this summer the band’s new album, Not Your Kind of People, and this particularly good-time, dub-influenced single, promise to remind us all why Garbage could never be considered trash.

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