The 25 Songs of Summer


By Editors

Whether you're looking for steamy encounters or laidback fun, here's your playlist for the months ahead.

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11. GOSSIP: Perfect World
We first fell for Beth Ditto’s band when they were a bluesy rock trio, but the group’s metamorphosis into a slick, anthem-playing hit machine has never been more satisfying than on this soaring cut from their latest, A Joyful Noise.

12. HOT CHIP: Flutes
Rhythmic chanting and unintelligible yelling are not the most conventional accompaniments to a club hit, but the pulsing intensity with which Hot Chip layers elements makes “Flutes” utterly rave-worthy. Halfway through the over seven minutes of this track, you’ll forget where you are -- let alone how the music began. READ the story HERE.

13. KARMIN: Brokenhearted
Just two years ago, this duo was trying to make a name for itself on YouTube -- and now they have a genuine hit under their belt. “Brokenhearted” is a peppy, dance-floor freak-out of a song that will fit perfectly with these carefree, sunny months.

14. KAT GRAHAM: Put Your Graffiti on Me
Swiss-born Kat Graham finally makes her stateside debut with this single, stacked with Afro-beat-inspired pop and her out-of-this-world voice.

Of all the tracks ready to be danced to on the New York–based group’s first album, this paranoid, high-energy condemnation of Big Brother is our favorite. READ the full STORY HERE

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