Glee Recap: Putting The Sex In Sectionals


By Jon Roth

Trouty Mouth is back, and he's learned a thing or two about (erotic) dancing. All the insults, mash-ups and mayhem from last night’s episode.

And it’s sectionals! The night starts out with a Unitards performance of “What’s New Buenos Aires.” We really liked this song, particularly the performance given by Harmony (remember her?). Granted, we gays are suckers for Evita. If you need proof of this, mid-performance the camera cuts to Kurt and Rachel in the audience, mouthing every. single. word. 

Out in the hall, Quinn reveals to Rachel her diabolical plan. Rachel counsels, “You’ve done some awful things, but this would be rock bottom.” And tells Quinn she should at least give Shelby fair warning. Cut to a scene in the music room. Quinn warns Shelby, and Shelby gets sweet and motherly, telling her, “You’re exactly where you should be right now,” and it’s all really heartfelt and well-acted and thank you Idina for everything you do. This monologue is enough to change Quinn’s mind.

Next up: the Trouble Tones, who looked typically great in their silver lame bubble dresses. They opened with Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” [I was watching in a gay bar, so I couldn’t hear most of this over the screams of excitement] which swiftly transitioned to Destiny’s Child’s “I’m A Survivor.” Mercedes and Santana kill it as usual, and Brittany dances like none other, but will they ever top that Adele mash-up? Not yet.


The New Directions finally take the stage, sporting some dashing white tuxes with black peak lapels. And it’s a Jackson family fantasia for the next five minutes. We open with Tina and Kurt on “ABC” and plenty of Mike Chang dance moves (which his father, who decideds to attend, nods at appreciatively). Then we move on to Janet’s “Control,” and finish off with a showstopping “Man In The Mirror,” where all the guys in the group – so, most of the group – really show off their dance skills.

Are you sitting down? The New Directions won sectionals. Never saw it coming, right?

This is followed by a series of feel-good moments, in which Quinn thanks Rachel for stopping her nefarious plan, then Quinn talks to the Trouble Tones in the ladies room about rejoining the New Directions. Mercedes deadpans her Dreamgirls reference: "I’m telling you. I’m not going.” But ultimately she does go, because Quinn promises everyone will get solos, and nobody likes gender division.

The episode ends with fun.’s “We Are Young,” which Rachel Berry starts singing (we really missed the sound of her voice in this episode). And you know what? This episode was fun. It had strippers, Craigslist references, sweaty Blaine and Gloria Gaynor. It’d be greedy to ask for more.