Catching Up With Matthew Morrison


By Phillip B. Crook

Even though he's not gay, do you see Mr. Schuester as an important part of the conversation about LGBT visibility on TV?
Yeah, because he's very supportive. He has such a love for Kurt and is instrumental in getting him to be who he is. I'm so proud of our show for that relationship. The episode about the birds and the bees really got to me. I never thought about how different the conversation is between a father and a gay son or daughter. That was so beautifully done. That moment in television could change lives. A lot of the storyline is what Ryan Murphy wanted as a kid. He writes through Kurt. I'm so proud of it.

Remembering back to the pilot, were you nervous about a teenage musical TV show taking off?
None of us expected it. It was really great that they put us after American Idol. When it started, it had a great fan base, but the numbers weren't astronomical. Gradually it's become a real global phenomenon and none of us could have seen that coming. Doing the pilot, we all felt that we were a part of something special, but for more of a niche audience.

You've achieved Broadway stardom, and then TV stardom, and now you're launching a music career. What's next on the to-do list?
Um, sleep? [Laughs] I have a date with my bed one of these days. I think film. I would love to be the next Gene Kelly. I love those old school musicals, so I want to be a great song-and-dance man. I'm getting toward the end of my dance days, so I want to get in as much dance as I can.

Finally, you're from Orange County, so do you watch the Real Housewives of your homeland?
No, I don't. I actually don't watch much TV at all anymore.

Oh come on, everyone has a DVR.
Honestly, I come home and watch ESPN. I'm a big Mets fan, I love the Steelers -- but I grew up playing soccer, so I love watching soccer matches.

Well that's sort of the dance of sports.
I totally agree! I think the reason I picked up dancing so easily was because I played soccer for so long. You get that coordination in your body.

So maybe we'll see Mr. Schuester the soccer coach?
I'm gonna try to get away from teaching [laughs].

Matthew Morrison's new single, "Summer Rain" is now available for download on iTunes. For more info, visit Morrison's official website.

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