Need to Know: Little Dragon


By Courtney Nichols

But you guys collaborate a lot. Like with Gorillaz and Hird --
Bodin: Hird is a really old friend from high school. At that time Little Dragon wasn't really a thing.
Nagano: We were playing together but didn't have a name. Hird was a long time ago.

But Gorillaz is new! And that song has really taken off.
Nagano: Thanks!

Do you think it's important to collaborate as musicians?
Nagano: Not necessarily. If it's something you are feeling and vibing and you have a connection with, then it's worth it. Otherwise, I think it's pretty cool to stick to your own thing.
Fredrik K'llgren Wallin: It can be a compromise sometimes. Sometimes collaborations can turn out bad.

What is your song writing process?
K'llgren Wallin: It's mutual.
Nagano: All the guys write and produce and I do vocals.

What about remixes? Do your friends mostly do it?
Nagano: I do some remixes of our own songs. Remixes are really fun. Some of them are some of the best remixes we have! I think we are all planning on doing remixes, definitely. But anyone who can do one, go right ahead! It's fun to hear someone else's interpretation. Whether it gets released or not is a different thing.

Do you have any favorite acts you've played with?
Nagano: TV on the Radio was fun!

What about anyone you would like to worth with currently?
K'llgren Wallin: Night Jewel. I really love them.
Nagano: We like Prince!

Hell, I would like to collaborate with Prince!
Nagano: We wouldn't even care if the music were even good. He is the only compromise.

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