Need to Know: Angus & Julia Stone


By Courtney Nichols

Is there anyone you would love to collaborate with?
Angus: That's a tough one.
Julia: I really have wanted to work with Gary Jules, who did a cover of 'Mad World.' I heard he's a pretty amazing guy and I would love to work with him. Everyone you meet you sort of want to hang out with. It just depends on that level of connection.

Are you based in Australia?
Julia: We are based in Scandinavia!

How did you end up there?
Julia: We are not ever there. We are permanently on the road at the moment. We have places in London, Los Angeles, wherever we go.

Keeps things flexible --
Julia: Speaking of renting a place, it just doesn't make sense. There are only three weeks out of year we are not traveling.

You are so well-known in Australia. In the States, though you have a serious following, it's not as big as down under. How does it feel to be playing to smaller audiences?
Julia: Really hard [laughs].
Angus: It's not different at all. If anything, it's refreshing. It's like when we first started. It's really warm.
Julia: I like it. Meeting people at more intimate shows is better. Playing music to bigger crowds -- except if it is a rock show that is made for large stadiums -- sometimes loses its touch. As an audience member, I like to be able to see the musician's faces.
Angus: I get more nervous playing in front of fewer people. Like for instance, I was performing in Big Sur --

Big Sur? That's where I'm from originally. Did you play at the Henry Miller Library?
Angus: Yeah! I went on a road trip and my guitar was in the car. It was a bunch of people and there was an open mic night and I wrote my name down and when they called my name my heart was ripping out my chest. I couldn't breathe. I sang the songs all wrong. It was so bizarre. It was definitely really hard for me.

Did you guys take that trip together?
Angus: As soon as we are off tour we immediately separate. I took the coast up from Los Angeles and brought my camera with me.

So, when you are not making music, what are your other passions?
Angus: Photography is my thing. I love all the old cameras.
Julia: I like filming as well. A friend and I filmed a little horror movie down in Melbourne. That was fun. Melbourne is a great city because it has a lot of old houses and Victorian places. We found a place with high ceilings. My friend was the killer and I was the screamer. I would like to write. You keep yourself busy. I like to film. I like to write. I like to drink.

How would you describe your style, fashion-wise? Have you always been dressing bohemian?
Julia: We have a rocking set of grandparents. One of them, our dad's mother, has the most amazing style. She wakes up every morning with her hair in perfect curls and a full face of makeup. She makes that effort everyday. I look at photos of her from the '40s and '50s and I love the way they dressed back then. We decided to only wear secondhand clothes as a rule. I just don't really remember going into new stores and enjoying the clothes. I love vintage clothes. You can see this in our art. It's all about a story and it comes from somewhere. It's easier and more comfortable. They feel right on my body.

It has on a soul.
Julia: I don't know if I would say a soul but maybe it's just as practical that the fabric is not going to shrink because it's been washed so many times. I'm not going to deal with the stuff that comes with new clothes.
Angus: I think it definitely has a soul. There's a story behind it. It's like old furniture. There are nicks and wear-and-tear. Someone had a fight and smashed a wine glass. There is something you can see in it.

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