Catching Up With Brandy


By Dustin Fitzharris

Over the years you've worked with some divas. You did Cinderella with Whitney Houston and Double Platinum with Diana Ross --
She was my favorite.

Diana Ross?

She was just so interesting to me. She was so fabulous. I remember having a conversation with her because you know the whole rumor about her having to be called Miss Ross. I think that's so amazing! I love that! So, I go to her and said, 'I just want you to know that I'm going to be calling you Miss Ross.' She was like, 'No, honey. You don't have to call me Miss Ross. You can call me Diana.' I was like, 'No, you know you want me to call you Miss Ross!' But she was open to me calling her Diana. I called her Miss Ross the whole time, and I think she loved that I respected her enough to call her Miss Ross.

What was she like on the set?
I loved how she did her lines. She wouldn't read the script. She would have her lines playing in her walkman. She would go over the lines in her ear. Then we'd get on set, and she would know all of her lines, and I was just so amazed. What I liked was whatever she wanted she said in a way that was so kind, but she still got what she wanted.

Do you keep in touch?
I've seen her here and there, but I don't have her phone number of anything! I'm mad about that. If her son Evan can call her, why can't I? She does have a cell phone because I every time I see her she's on it.

And what about Whitney? You grew up idolizing her. What are your thoughts of her today?
Her voice is the best voice in the whole world. You know what? Nobody really knows. Nobody has walked in her shoes. We don't know what she's been through. For her to be as brave as she's been to come back time after time and really try, we should applaud her for that. There will never be another Whitney Houston in life.

Your daughter, Sy'rai, turned 8 in June. What kind of mother are you?
I'm a friend. I would love for my daughter to answer this. I'm understanding and very, very loving. I must kiss my daughter a trillion times a day to the point where it irritates her.

Was your mom like that?
She didn't do a lot of that. Not the way I do. My mom was really tough and protective. For me, I'm over the top! I'm tough when I have to be. I'm big on if you know what's right, then do what's right. I never want my daughter to be afraid of me. I don't want her to make the choice out of fear of what I'm going to say. I want her to make the choice because she feels like it's right.

Would you want her to go into show business?
If that's what she really wanted, I would support her. If she didn't want it, I wouldn't encourage it.

What you have done in life besides singing?
I would've been a lawyer. I would've been a hell of a lawyer. Maybe a professor. I probably would've done hair in my spare time.

Out of all of your songs, which is your favorite?
Honestly, I identify with all my songs that I've written. There's this one song that I really love. It's called 'Freedom.' It's not on any of my albums. It's like an unreleased track, but I love that song. Fans can find it on the Internet.

After all that you've done, what are you the most proud of?
In my life, is my daughter. In my career, it's the Grammy. The way I behaved going to get the Grammy ' Oh, my God! So embarrassing. Honey, that was the moment! It was like time had stopped.

If you had to it over, would you have still rushed the stage to accept the award?
If I win ' No, when I win another Grammy, I'm going to do the same thing. I already know my speech!

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