Catching Up With Fool's Gold


By Courtney Nichols

What did you study at SF State?
It's a very liberal school. They have this thing called Special Major where essentially you create your own major by pulling classes from three different majors. My official degree is in musical and recording arts. I did a lot of ethnomusicology and media studies and creative writing. I made a list of all the classes I wanted to take and they made a major around it. Kind of funny, but I love it.

So what's your favorite venue -- if not in L.A. then anywhere?
The Echo in L.A. is a venue that cradled us and helped us grow as a band. We did a residency there a year ago and it kicked off our touring career and made us think of the band in bigger terms. It helped us find our sound. We did a lot of shows at the Echo. That space is my home. The last tour we did, we did our homecoming show at the Echo and it was one of the best shows we ever did. It's a small little hole in the wall but something about it just feels really good.

And bands that play there typically get huge. You're on your way to icon status!

A lot of interviews poke fun that up until a few months ago you were still working as a paralegal. Do you have another hobbies or jobs that you maintain as you tour?
I like the word hobby. That's funny. Music -- definitely not a hobby. I'm a freelancer at a recording studio called Black Iris that does music for movies and TV. I go in when I can, when they hire me, to make commercial music. That is my only other source of income other than DJ gigs. I love it! It sure as hell beats being a paralegal. They are getting known as a record label as well. They just released Best Coast's seven-inch. They had a lot to do with Fool's Gold because they released our first seven-inch and help fund our studio time. All the initial tracks we did for the album -- eight songs -- we did in two days. We were there to do a single for Black Iris and since we were there and set up we decided to record everything we knew at the time. That set the beat for the record.

You are signed to IAMSOUND. Have you met any of the other artists on the label?
Good question. I think we are the only L.A. band on the label. They did a seven-inch series of a bunch of L.A. bands that we do know, like Local Natives and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros. We are doing a split seven-inch with Local Natives on their label.

They are based out of L.A.?
Yeah, but they don't have that many artists on their roster. I think the other artists are New York or London-based.

What are you looking forward to the most in the coming year?
I've gotten over the hump of knowing whether or not I can survive being a touring musician: that big question mark. Can this band survive the grueling touring schedule? Can we get along? Can I not get sick and not lose my voice? Not hate life? All these things. I sort of feel I have gotten over the hump and now I am so into traveling in a way I have never been before. The idea is to play in more countries. Let's get out and see what sort of reactions we get because thus far it's been really positive. It's kind of in the works, but I think our record is going to be put out in more countries as well: Japan, Germany, and Australia. We are planning on going to all these places and Africa and Israel. A lot of the things we have been talking about lately have to do with travel. It's amazing what music allows you to do in this world. It's such a powerful thing. I am getting shocked by it.

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