Kissing Games


By Jason Lamphier

You said you'd dedicate "UR So Gay" to Ryan Seacrest. Does that mean you don't think Seacrest is gay?
No, he's not at all. He is the definition of metrosexual. He should be gay, but he's not. I had an interview with him about a week ago. He's meticulously manicured and beautiful and glowing and, like, gorgeous. He has some sensitive, feminine qualities. He definitely fucks with my radar.

So you are officially together with [Gym Class Heroes singer and fellow Warped Tour headliner] Travis McCoy? You have a promise ring?
It's a diamond.

Will wedding bells be chiming soon?
No. Fuck no. I've got too much business to take care of. I think he wanted to do something very sweet for me, and he did. We're on tour together all summer. I'm on his bus now.

What's the strangest moment you've experienced during the Warped Tour?
Travis blew his knee yesterday. There's been a lot of grabbing. There's not a whole lot of security on the tour. I'm very into hugging my fans, and they all want kisses. I'm like, "I'm gonna go away with some kind of junk on my lips if I keep kissing my fans."

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