Robin Williams Struggles With Being Gay In One of His Final Roles

The producers of Boulevard remember his stunning performance.

Michael Lucas on Gay Men in the Promised Land

In his documentary 'Undressing Israel,' the porn mogul tackles a subject close to his heart

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Just Keep Swimming Again With 'Finding Dory'

Ellen DeGeneres to reprise her role as our favorite sea friend.

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7 Hot Channing Tatum Film Roles

Is Channing Tatum to thank for the success of the new 'G.I. Joe' film? We look at his other hot (and hit) film roles …

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The 30 Sexiest Gay Scenes In Film

Brutality and tenderness. Recklessness and wisdom. Lust and love. It's all here.

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Toni Colette is 'Mental'

The actress teams up with 'Muriel's Wedding' director P.J. Hogan for a comedy with a deeper message about love and …

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Must Watch: 'My Brother the Devil'

James Floyd plays a riveting gay Muslim gang member in Welsh-Egyptian filmmaker Sally El Hosaini's brave film

By Jerry Portwood

WATCH: Marisa Tomei in 'She Said, She Said'

The fabulous cast of this lesbian-themed short film includes Elodie Bouchez, Aubrey Plaza, and David Wain.

By Benjamin Lindsay

My Bowie: Ann Magnuson

Strange fascination, fascinate me.

By Ann Magnuson

WATCH: Oscar-Winning Film 'Departures'

The dramedy about keeping secrets, feeling lost, and embracing life is now available on iTunes

By Editors

This Month’s Craziest B**ch on Screen

Why you need to watch K-11 and what Kate del Castillo has to do with K-Stew.

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Bowie in the Movies

A creative career that is just as eclectic when it comes to film.

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Bowie's Greatest: Nico Muhly on 'Magic Dance'

The composer became a fan after experiencing him in the movie Labyrinth

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Gay Seniors Shine In 'Before You Know It'

Filmmaker PJ Raval discusses getting down with seniors for his latest project, 'Before You Know It.'

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Almodovar: Latest Film Will 'Affect a Lot of Bisexuals'

'I'm So Excited' will only show heterosexual sexual relations onscreen

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What's the Gayest Oz of All?

With 'Oz the Great and Powerful' on our minds, we look at fellow travelers on the well-trod path of the friends of …

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About That Boy: Nicholas Hoult

See our portfolio shot by Tom Ford.

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