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Hot List 2013: I'm So Excited!

Pedro Almodóvar returns with his most outrageous film in decades.

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The Hot, Socially Conscious Villains of 'The East'

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The Must-See Music Doc

Director Morgan Neville’s 'Twenty Feet From Stardom' focuses on the life of backup singers

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Sundance Hit 'C.O.G.' to Open Outfest

Kyle Patrick Alvarez's adaptation of the David Sedaris short story stars Jonathan Groff and Denis O'Hare

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Xavier Dolan: Crossing Over

With his epic transgender love story, 'Laurence Anyways,' indie filmmaker Xavier Dolan takes his place at the table. …

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First look at of Cheyenne Jackson in the upcoming HBO film. Plus behind the scenes footage with interview from the crew …

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'NONNI' Premieres at Boston LGBT Film Festival

This queer short doc following the 'Andy Warhol of Iceland' has something for everyone.

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Kiss of the Damned: the Vampire Movie You've Been Waiting For

Xan Cassavetes discusses her fabulously sexy genre film that has us moaning to bite Milo Ventimiglia's neck (and his …

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Zachary Quinto on the Epic Kirk-Spock Bromance

With the impending release of Star Trek: Into Darkness, we caught up with the star to discuss co-star Chris Pine

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Chris Pine: The Thinker

Is Chris Pine too smart for his own good? Or just ours?

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Watch: 'Turtle Hill, Brooklyn'

Because turning 30 isn't traumatic enough...

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