10 Pride Pregame Movies on Netflix Instant


By Alex Panisch

Prepare for the parties, pageantry, and parades with these queer flicks

6. Taxi Zum Klo

A look at West Berlin in the early 1980s, Frank Ripploh’s exquisite film showcases the city in all of its seedy, sexy glory. Ripploh stars as a schoolteacher slowly unraveling in the uninhibited gay nightlife of the divided city. The film’s sex scenes are legendary and one, between Ripploh and his real life lover, made our 30 Sexiest Gay Scenes in film list, thanks to John Cameron Mitchell.



7. A Lair’s Autobiography

An animated film based on the pseudo-autobiography of Monty Python’s Graham Chapman’s, the film revels in the type of silliness made famous by the British comedy troupe. Using recordings Chapman made before his death in 1989, the queer comedian is able to narrate the film from beyond the grave, with the help of some of his fellow Pythons and some guest stars. If love Monty Python, you’ll love this film.



8. Paris is Burning

This pioneering documentary chronicles the New York City ball scene in the mid-to-late 1980s. The film is both poignant and hopeful, as it documents the poor and disenfranchised members of ball culture who create new identities, families, and worlds in which they can feel the love and acceptance of which society has robbed them.



9. Little Britain

Matt Lucas and David Walliams’ sketch comedy show can be lumped along with The State, Kids in the Hall, and Monty Python’s Flying Circus as some of the greatest sketch comedy television shows of all time. From Daffyd, “the only gay in the village,” to Lucas and Walliam’s Emily and Florence, two unconvincing transvestites, to Bubbles DeVeer, the totally broke, overweight heiress, the show’s farcical humor never fails to amuse.



10. Queer as Folk

The ground breaking British television show follows three gay friends in Manchester’s gay village. The witty and compelling drama became a transatlantic success and spawned an American version. Stuart, Tyler, and Nathan have become some of the most memorable characters in gay TV, so if you haven’t seen Queer as Folk, now would be a good time to get into it. (And could be your next boyfriend.)


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