Preview: Outfest 2011


By Eddie Shapiro

Except we watch Matt Damon films, and when he is playing Bourne, we don't say, 'That's not right, that guy is a father of three!'
Gonzalez: The whole idea is the more you know, the easier it is to get bored of an actor. People can choose to reveal whatever they want of themselves however they like but' I find it interesting that people find it so fascinating.
Brocka: One thing that we can all do is support gay actors. When an actor comes out, go and watch their movie. Even if you don't like them, go and watch their movie and show your support. Don't go out of your way to go on a bulletin board and say horrible things. Every time an actor comes out, the meanest things are written by other gay people. The best thing anyone can do is speak with your dollars and support. The more that changes, the less it will be an issue. It's not an issue when a straight actor gets married, and it should be the same for us.

What are you most looking forward to in the festival?
Ludwinski: I don't know. I'm nervous. After talking about this movie for a year, to finally have my friends see it will be gratifying. Then they'll know I'm not making it all up!
Gonzalez: I think these festivals are really about community, with a lot of artists showing their work. Points of view that are just so different. So it's really great to be able see other people's work and have them see yours. I think it's amazing as artists and people.
Ludwinski: I know I have to walk around and hand out business cards and be charming when what I really want to do is drink at the after party.
Gonzalez: We have to give out business cards?
Lavin: I think I am looking forward to the closure of an intense year. It's like giving birth! I have been editing literally every day. And I can't wait to see all of your movies!
Brocka: My first short was at Outfest, Rick and Steve. Festivals are a huge part of my life, particularly Outfest. I am actually on the Outfest board now and am really excited about looking at Outfest through those eyes and getting other filmmakers as excited about it as I am. And finding the next generation of people who can make entire careers out of telling gay stories. Because we need them. We need to show that there is a demand for queer film, that it's not a dead end.
Gonzalez: It's always a little weird for me seeing myself. I saw the film once and it was hard for me seeing myself on the screen for that long. I don't know if I'll see it again.
Ludwinski: Really? The first thing I thought as soon as I saw mine was 'I can't wait to see it again!'

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