Preview: Outfest 2011


By Eddie Shapiro

Do you think sex is needed to sell a gay film?
Ludwinski: It does seem like it's sort of expected.
Gonzalez: I think it's in our society. Sex sells in general -- gay or not. In our film, it's summer, it's hot' although I guess the director made it that way so we would be naked a lot!
Brocka: It certainly gets more attention if you are flipping through a festival guide and see a hot shirtless guy. The Eating Out films in particular are basically American Pie for gay people, so I want to see people having sex and all of the hijinks that lead to the weird situations. So I have to have sex in it.

This question is for the actors. In this day and age, do you think that playing gay is still something to think twice about?
Ludwinski: Oh yes. I was very nervous about taking the role. These gay movies -- some are quite good -- but they still can have a stigma around them. Mine takes such a racy angle, and that was scary. But ultimately, it's such a great part. And being the lead in a feature film was an awesome experience, so it's not like I was gonna say 'No.'

What about being an out actor. Has that been an issue for you?
Ludwinski: I have been instructed many times not to talk about my personal life, so I don't. But it is outrageous that anyone of alternative sexuality can't in this day and age, when we ostensibly don't care -- but we still don't want our leading actors to be gay. We don't mind having gay people around but we want them in certain roles.
Gonzalez: I think it's ironic that the majority of the people in power in Hollywood are gay executives and they're the ones not allowing the actors to come out. But my personal opinion on the whole thing is that it's my job to convince you as actor that I am that person on the screen, and the more you know about my personal life, the harder it is to do that. I was reading an article with Matt Damon, and he said, 'If I reveal to you that I am a father of three, at home every day having breakfast and coloring with my kids, are you going to believe that I am jumping from window to window killing people? No, it's going to break the illusion.'

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