Need to Know: Black Spark


By Phillip B. Crook

Well, for example, you show cum shots.
There are also cum shots in my bed at night when I'm having sex, and I'm not doing porn then. I don't think when I'm jerking off and I'm cumming, I'm borrowing from porn. I'm just getting off. There's nothing in my work that's influenced by porn websites. None of that inspires me. In porn you don't have to feel anything. My work is driven by what I feel.

But are you worried porn will be influenced by you?
Porn will absolutely be influenced by me. I'll adapt. When porn decides to step on my toes, I'll adapt. I'm well-prepared to do that.

Why did you start by posting on the porn site Xtube?
It was a marketing thing. It's a place where I knew the word would spread. Blogs cover Xtube, a lot of people look at it, and I needed to get the work out. Xtube is a perfect place to get feedback. Of course some of it was raunchy, but a lot of people got back to me. Look at the comments I get on Xtube. They're completely different from the other work. People tell me this work inspired them and I love that.

You're about halfway through making a feature-length Black Spark movie. What can you tell me about it?
What you get on Xtube is a simple, cleanly edited, basic version of my story. The film is more. It doesn't hold anything back. I can't tell you in what capacity, but I'm not wearing a mask in the movie.

What is the film about?
It's a movie about redemption. I lost my way in life this summer. I was not happy, and in a lot of ways the Black Spark is a hero because -- it's just this gimmicky thing to some people -- but it saved my life. The film is about righting the wrongs we make and holding ourselves responsible for our own misery. The movie is about love. And mercy.

Since there will be dialogue, are you working with actors?
They are actors and some people I just found. There's a mixture. Some of the people have been learning to act since November and December to make the project better, so it's a labor of love. I'll put it out there when it's ready and perfect. I'm not going to rush it.

There's also a White Spark character, right?
There are five Sparks right now -- a White Spark and a Red Spark and others -- and about seven villain characters. Some of them will be in the movie, but for the most part it's for people to get to know the Black Spark. The guys who play the other characters are people I knew and thought were beautiful. I wasn't looking for porn stars, I was just looking for regular people I saw something amazing in. I talked to them about their deep, dark secrets and then I created a character.

There's an overt masculine tone to the Black Spark, with the bandanna and the plaid button-up and the aggressive intensity in your eye contact. Is that purposeful?
I'm bisexual, for one, and two, I'm a man. This is going to sound crazy, but I'm a man: I get into fights, I spit, I build things with my hands, I can destroy things, I can protect my family. I think it's important not to downplay someone's masculinity just because he's having sex with another guy.

Is there a femininity to any of the other Sparks?
The White Spark is very delicate. He's strong but he definitely has a very feminine aspect to him. He's beautiful. The romance in the last video was all him. I don't necessarily know anything about romance. He brought that into my life. What everyone saw was me experiencing romance for the first time.