Hail Katy, Nicki & Iggy! Female 'Drag Queens' Have Taken Over the Charts!


By Michael Musto

Plus: Dina Martina storms Fire Island

Real drag queens—you know, the kind that have to tuck—are already permeating Fire Island, like Logan Hardcore, the punky, spunky queen of the Ice Palace in Cherry Grove. Last Saturday afternoon, Logan did a two-and-a-half hour set by the pool without a break (“Liquor helps,” as he later told me), performing an amazing array of numbers, some involving torpedoing into the water and twirling out again. Triumphantly, Logan ended up in just underwear and kneeguards.

“I hate all drag queens,” Logan barked at the crowd at one point, “but Dina Martina entertains this place down.” And sure enough, the Seattle-based drag oddity played the Ice Palace’s inside room that night as part of Daniel Nardicio’s Icons series, delivering with overripe lips, protruding cameltoe, and wads of back hair. The former model for the Braille edition of Vogue, Dina looked amazing, even though, as she explained, “The stage adds 80 to 90 pounds.” She proceeded to dabble in autobiographical material (“My dad died in childbirth”), sing karaoke anthems in a high-pitched soprano compete with phlegmy sounds (“No matter what they take from me, I’m glad they took away my dignity”), and eat lukewarm pasta while demanding some “hot Sprite” from the bar. One could just picture Michelle Visage sitting back and saying, “Why?” Uh…because it’s inspired????

Playing an uneasy transsexual, Neil Patrick Harris has won kudos for diving into Broadway’s Hedwig revival with the vigor of a pool performer at Fire Island. At a New Dramatists lunch in honor of Tony-winning choreographer/director Susan Stroman (The Producers, Bullets Over Broadway), I asked Harris if Hedwig might be a sort of nouveau Sally Bowles, meaning the woozy chantoozy in the also-currently-revived Cabaret. “That’s interesting!” he responded, lighting up. “After I get spit on by Yitzhak, and I sing ‘Hedwig’s Lament,’ there’s a green light that hits me, and I’m in a cocktail dress and a cropped wig. I feel a little Sally Bowles in that moment. I have to pull myself out of it!” he laughed.

I also got to tell Neil that he’s funny in Seth MacFarlane’s new movie, A Million Ways To Die In The West. (He plays a creep with a moustache and a bad case of diarrhea.) “Am I?” he wondered. “I was chastised for not being funny. I won’t tell you by whom.” And suddenly, I had to assure a world-class star that he’s amusing in his new project. He seemed so vulnerable—sort of like Sally Bowles! I hope Pink can be as sympathetic.

And finally, The Enquirer picked up my interview with Drag Race’s Courtney Act about her budding friendship with Chaz Bono and claimed Chaz wants to marry Courtney, to mama Cher’s chagrin. This may be the most complicated gender story of the year so far, but I’m not buying it. Chaz likes women, not Australians!