Sharon Needles Answers 13 Burning Halloween Questions

'The best Halloween candy is candy corn. It’s so iconic... and it reminds me of Jiggly Caliente’s old teeth.'

Why Jenny Slate Doesn't Just Want to Shock You

The star of Obvious Child goes deeper (and dirtier) than you thought possible

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Male Closeness: Do We Need It?

The creator (and star) of web series He's With Me discusses the relationship gay men have with straight male friends, …

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GMHC’s New CEO Kelsey Louie On How He's Going to Fix It

With the annual AIDS Walk taking place this Sunday, we catch up with the new leader on his plans for the struggling …

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Catching Up With Barney Frank

The legendary politico on the challenges of working with a new generation of LGBT advocates, the importance of humor, …

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Catching Up With Kate Fagan

The author and ESPN columnist discusses her memoir about coming out as a college basketball player

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Immortal Beloved

Reeve Carney’s new picture of Dorian Gray

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The Bomer Method

How Matt Bomer met Larry Kramer, won his dream role in The Normal Heart, and kept on living his own normal, yet charmed, …

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Lady Bunny: Mother of Dragoons

The drag legend discusses Beyoncé, Bianca Del Rio, gender benders, and the dreaded 'T' word

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Jill Abramson on Tattoos, Anita Hill & Nate Silver

The executive editor of the Gray Lady dishes on her legendary career (and body ink)

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Remembering the Anita Hill Sexual Harassment Case

Catie Lazarus interviews Frieda Lee Mock about the case that changed America

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The Untold Gay Story of Aladdin

How Chad Beguelin restored Howard Ashman's original vision on Broadway

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'Anne Frank Would Have Been a Belieber'

Director Matt Wolf and writer Jon Savage discuss the dominance of youth culture with the release of the documentary …

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Michael Cyril Creighton on Giving Great Stage Kiss

The actor on kissing Jessica Hecht, his Papa Smurf fetish, and why he's tired of playing a snarky gay shop clerk …

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Catching Up With Scott Bakula

Looking's gay daddy talks about bathhouses, Star Trek, Quantum Leap...and his favorite flower …

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Catching Up With Juliet Mills

'People want to have a laugh and this show does that.'

By Jesse Steinbach

The New Black: New Doc Tackles Race in Marriage Equality Struggle

Filmmaker Yoruba Richen: "Our voices are not heard."

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