Catching Up With Eli Lieb


By Andrew Villagomez

The singer-songwriter tells us about his upcoming sophomore album, being a YouTube sensation, and his music crush on Marina & the Diamonds.

You have many great covers on YouTube, who do you want to cover next?

I really have been liking Marina & the Diamonds lately, and I would be interested in covering one of her songs.

I'm a fan of hers too, any song in particular?

I like that song "Lies" a lot. I don't know if it became a single. It's a really good song.

Who else are you listening to, any YouTube channels?

I don't really go on YouTube past doing research. But other than Marina, I listen to her a lot now, Santigold. Her newest album, not sure if it is new, but it's new to me and I really like that one. I really listen to everything, things I like and things that I like the production of.

Because for me it is also more than pleasure of listening to music, it's also about learning what producers are doing and figure out, just by listening, how they're doing what they're doing.

How essential is social media for a new artist, and any artists today in general?

Social media is an enormous part of it now, everywhere you look. Not just everybody, everything now has a Twitter, Facebook page, Instagram—everything. Social media has become, I think, very essential, almost requirement for musicians, and anybody in the industry. Entertainment has evolved to that direction.

Anyone you currently want to collaborate with?

I guess I've been talking about her the whole time [laughs], but I would like to do a song with Marina & the Diamonds. I feel like our styles are actually kind of similar. The electro thing is there, but there's also songs you can just strip down and play just on the piano or guitar, so I really make a point of having melody be a strong point in a song, so it's not relying on all the thrills around it. I feel like she kind of does that as well, I think it would be a good combo.

In antipcation of Eli's next album, watch his latest covers below: