Colin Ferguson On Playing Gay Again


By Andrew Villagomez

Guest-starring on 'Happily Divorced,' Colin discusses his post-'Eureka' crew and gay-themed roles in the '90s versus today

So you didn't really have any worries about playing gay, but you think you might get typecast at all?
No fears going in beforehand, but once you do two or three in a row, you sort of go... No one likes to be typecast in anything, you want to do something different. [You tell yourself,] "Oh, I hope I get to do something different soon." I believe the industry will put you where you belong. So I didn't have a fear about doing damage to my career.

Did you develop a gay following back then, and how about today?

It'd be easier to track today because of the Internet. It was nice to be present; I found the gay community to be really, really supportive and welcoming, and so friendly. You bump into people in the airport and they say, "I saw you in More Tales, and that series means so much to me. Thank you so much." It's so humbling to be thanked for something that you wanted to do.

I loved the books series. It was enough for me just to be able to do it and work with Laura Linney and all those involved, and then to be thanked for that, a decade later. I still bump into people on the street to tell me they loved those books and movies. To have affect anyone's life in a capacity like that is just humbling and extreme. There's definitely an interest, I don't know if I'd call it a following. [Laughs]

Maybe you'll get more now with Happily Divorced.

Yeah hopefully! [Laughs]

You haven't played a gay character since the late '90s, but you were set to do a film in 2009 with the now-out Sean Maher. What happened to the project?

I don't know, I found out I was attached to that at the same time that Sean did, and we both were sort of going, what are we attached to? And that happens sometimes when you aren't sure what you are attached to. Around that time Eureka took up most of my time. And I would never hunt out a role specifically for its orientation, it's more about who I get to work with or what the role is than anything else. Working with John and Fran is just…and Rita Moreno is on the show, it's like, "ARE YOU KIDDING?" Yeah, I want to spend a week with those guys.

How has the shift been from SyFy to TVLand, anything you miss from Eureka?

I miss the family of it. You have the same crew and same cast for six years, you know you see children being born and marriages. You really end up growing up with them and quite close to them.

What's great about [Happily Divorced] is that it's a bunch of people who really respect each other and trust each other, so when one of them says, I got a guy, it's sort of done ... I really admire how they streamline the process. Flattering to get a call out of the blue saying, "Hey, what are you doing next weekend? We need to shoot something."

So your character Chris will be coming back. Are there any teasers you can gives tell us about?

I don't know actually. I got the call about a few days ago [to see if I was free to come back in]. I know it's the season finale—and with all the regular characters' mouths to feed—I can't imagine I'd be very busy. But I'm incredibly flattered to be part of it.

Watch clip of the upcoming epsiode (airing on Jan. 16) and catch the season finale on Feb. 13.