Need To Know: Jayson Blair


By Phillip B. Crook

Out chatted with Blair about finding out his 'Glee' character is gay, his surprising nickname, and the subconscious gay attitude of jocks.

What do you imagine for Max's future?
He's going to be a fantastic dresser. He wears Levi's a lot, and he has a great shoe game. What I'd like to see, maybe in the third season, is an explanation of why he is the way he is. Why is he so conflicted with himself? What's his home life like? What's the pressure of being a rich kid that's an all-star athlete? Does his father make him that way, like in The Breakfast Club? What makes RJ Berger so charming is that you have these crazy, slightly vulgar moments, but there's also a lot of heart to it. That's what you get from my character in the finale.

You've pitched a few story lines for different episodes. Is this going to turn into The Hard Times of Max Owens?
I'd love that [laughs]. I pitched the lock-in episode. I'm passionate about writing and creating and potentially directing in the future. I'd love to get more of my stories in Hard Times.

Do you have a crazy idea for your own show already?
I do, but it's not copy-written yet. The idea involves a flamboyant gay character, a blue-blood, home-schooled virgin, a brilliant urban character from the streets that puts on a front because he's a genius -- and how they all end up together and have this weird, beautiful relationship.

Any self-respecting journalist can't interview you without asking about the obvious Jayson Blair (The New York Times reporter whose stories turned out to be fiction) connection. Do you get that a lot?
When I got my first guest spot in 2006 on CSI: NY, I checked myself out on IMDb and it said "Buy books from Jayson Blair." And I've never written any books! I clicked on the link and it's this black man with glasses. Not too many people get the connection but every once in a while someone will ask. Now, there's a Google war between him and me. Unless you put in "actor," you get tons of stuff on him. I'm trying to kick his ass on Google.

Would you ever change your name?
No, I love my name. My parents gave it to me. I'm never going to change it. That would be a big sad in the face.

Well, what's your soap opera name, at least?
Jizzes Twice.

That might work as your drag name, but your soap opera name is your middle name and the street you grew up on.
That would be Patrick Lambrick.

I'm just saying, if the other Jayson Blair wins the Google war, you might have to take up one of those.
Whenever I get drunk, I do a crazy thing where everyone gets a nickname. I went to Coachella on a whim with some friends and we all did nicknames. Mine was Jizzes Twice. I'm thinking about changing my Twitter to that -- Jizzes Twice!

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