Need To Know: Jayson Blair


By Phillip B. Crook

Out chatted with Blair about finding out his 'Glee' character is gay, his surprising nickname, and the subconscious gay attitude of jocks.

How does making out with a guy compare to a basketball?
He had soft lips. Initially, they were like, you just need to lock lips and then we can cut away. I thought about it and decided if I'm going to do this, I'm going to make it as real as possible and sell it. This is a defining moment for the character. The fans are going to see this. I talked to the other actor and decided that for this to be real, we have to sell it. I have to love you. When I kiss you, I'm going to mean it, goddammit. And I did. It looked really intimate.

Well now that makes two gay jock bullies on TV, yours and Karofsky on Glee. Maybe they should date.
I'm actually doing a movie with him -- Max Adler. He plays my sidekick in this movie, but I don't think the director knows that we both go gay [laughs].

If you could choose a future boyfriend from the pool of other gay teen characters on TV, who would you choose?
Who's, like, a hot dude?

I think most people agree that Teddy on 90210 is pretty hot.
Ok, Teddy it is. But I'd totally Milk-out and go James Franco in a minute, if I had a choice.

Why do you think it's so much fun to play the bad guy?
In my real life, I'm always making fun of people in a loving way. That's how my friends and I get on. We talk shit. So, playing the bad guy gives me the chance to mess with my family, basically because we've become so close during shooting. It's a license to be bad and not apologize for it. That's fun. Unfortunately, it comes pretty easily to me.

Are you saying you're a bad person?
No! I go out of my way to be as sweet as possible to everyone and make sure people are having a good time. I'm super nice and kind and thoughtful. But, I guess I can play a dick pretty well. I don't know what that says about me, but it's fun and I'm good at it, so I'll take it.

Speaking of dicks, RJ famously has a giant one. How big do you think Max's is?
I think the reason why Max is so shocked is because he's intimidated by RJ's massive schlong and he feels insecure about it. I think Max is average at best.

Yours is a show that's dealing with issues like bullying in a comedic way, whereas shows like Skins are taking the dramatic approach. Do you have a preference as an actor?
It's a very serious issue to me because I have a lot of friends in the community. The shit that's happening to kids in high school is so not OK. The way that I feel about the show is this is a character and I have to set my personal beliefs aside and play this character to the fullest. I think it's interesting for kids who are conflicted or kids who think they're super cool because it'll give them some interesting things to think about.