Catching Up With Elizabeth Berkley


By Noah Michelson

One of the things I like most about the book is that a lot of it really does come from your experiences. It's not like 'Dear Abby' where it's just some random woman giving the advice that's not grounded in anything.
Right, like saying, 'I've got the answers darling.' [Laughs] That's why if you flip to any page on any given day -- it's like I don't care if someone wants to hear from me, a girl I've met or whoever, he or she can get what they need from it. It's also why, in terms of one thing we're talking about, in the love section, it was really important to me to distinguish this piece where I say, 'Before we jump in, I just want to let you know that throughout this chapter you'll see that I use the words 'he' or 'guy.' And I know some of you are in romantic relationships with other girls. Please know I fully honor, accept and love every single one of you, whomever you love. I just use the male reference simply for ease in reading so it won't get annoying to keep seeing 'he/she,' 'him/her.'' And I say, 'You get it. Now to the heart of the matter.' So that was important to me to just take that moment because I don't think enough people do, especially when speaking to gay teens.

Why do you think that Showgirls has become such a beloved film for gay men?
[Laughs] That's a good question. First of all, I'm so happy it has been. I feel so appreciated and understood' I could cry. [Begins crying] You got me to cry! I feel very appreciated by my gay fans, and I really appreciate it. So when they come up to me and say a line like, 'Let me do your nails sometime, darling,' or 'I don't know, she just went down,' I just love it. It makes me so happy because it was supposed to be fun. It's campy and fun, and I love that it's finally been embraced. It feels good. I mean it's funny how a lot of movies that have been bashed just die on a video shelf and you never hear about them again. Wow -- not this. This is now one of the top ten grossing films for MGM of all time. So, go figure. It's like, 'Really, it was that bad? Why'd you have to try to kill all of us involved?'

Anyway, so even though it would've been nice at the time if someone had stood up for me, the fact that the gay fans have embraced it in the way that they have makes up for that. I feel vindicated because of their love and support. So I'm happy to pose for a picture [makes 'Goddess Hands' pose]. And it's just so much fun. I love it. I'm so grateful. And I'll say the one beautiful thing that happened from being so attacked at such a young age is that maybe if it had been so embraced at the time, everything would be different. I would like to think that I would still have the level of depth that I have, but we all have those things that make us go deeper, and I say, 'Thank God.' Because we wouldn't want to be the same, would we?

That being said, if tomorrow someone presented you with a script for Showgirls 2, would you consider doing a sequel?
[Laughs] Showgirls 2? No. No, because to do Showgirls 2 would not make sense for a whole lot of reasons. You can't mess with what Showgirls is. Why would you even try? What I would love to do is a skit on like SNL or something, like 'Where's Nomi now?' That would be fun. I would love to do something comedic, if that makes sense. Because I don't take myself too seriously. I'm willing to be self-deprecating and send up my own image where I think a lot of people are really afraid to do that. I have a few roles in pop culture that would be fun to send up. Let's start a campaign. [Laughs]

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