Catching Up With Josh Strickland


By Gregory Miller

Josh Strickland is best known as the southern belle gay BFF to former Playboy playmate Holly Madison on E!'s Holly's World. The two currently star in Peep Show in Vegas, but Strickland's also just launched his music career, which he's been prepping for quite some time. Strickland recently chatted with Out about the hit reality show, his new dance single, 'Report to the Floor,' and of course, that infamous Tarzan wig.

Out: What made you decide to release a single?
Josh Strickland: It's kind of always been a dream of mine -- recording stuff. It's just the right time. I met my producer Damon [Elliott] through Holly, while he was doing the Holly's World theme song in the first season. And then he really liked my voice so we were just kind of collaborating and talking, and got some tracks down. The rest is history.

Did you know from the beginning you wanted to go for the gay club vibe?
Yeah, that's the type of music that I really like. And that's more my genre and my voice type. A lot of people think that I'm a white boy but I have a black girl's voice trapped inside there somewhere. I've always wanted to do that type of music and genre, and it's just my passion. I'm not trying to be the next Justin Timberlake. I just want to put out some good music.

Are you looking to fully transition from performance to recording artist?
Absolutely. I think performance and recording come hand in hand. To be a recording artist, you kind of have to be a performer because you're going to be performing your songs and your singles in clubs. Now, I'm just excited that the two can connect together.

Who has influenced you musically?
It's all the greats: Whitney Houston, Frank Sinatra, and the Rat Pack. Different types of music that really molded what the industry is today. I grew up listening to Mariah and that type of stuff. And also Broadway. Going to college for vocal performance, I definitely learned to place my voice in the right places, and do the right things. It's cool to see how my voice has grown. It only gets different as you get older, and I'm happy with the way it's turned out.

Why don't we hear your prominent Southern accent seep through in your singing?
It's kind of like Australians, who when they sing, they don't sound Australian. I don't really know what it is about singing that takes away that accent. It's funny because sometimes I can take it away myself because I was in New York for so long. Whenever I get comfortable, whenever I'm just chatting, it's who I am. I'm just a Southern boy. I grew up in the South, always had a passion for music, and now I'm trying to achieve that.

Would you ever record a country single?
Country? Who knows! Obviously I've got that twang, so if the right song came around, we'd probably attack that too.

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