Need To Know: Shayne Ward


By Phillip B. Crook

Would it weird you out if you knew people were having sex to your voice?
I think it's brilliant. Carry on.

Have you had sex to your own music?
I actually haven't. I think it would freak me out because I'd be singing along to my songs whilst'

So what artists get you in the mood?
Something like Marvin Gaye. I go for the old school soul.

Have you gotten any feedback from Nickleback about your cover of their song, 'Gotta Be Somebody'?
I haven't actually. It would be nice if somehow they were able to hear the song. It's split. A lot of people prefer the original, a lot of people prefer mine because it's more pop R&B.

And it was Simon Cowell, whose record label Syco you're signed with, who chose that song for you, right?
It was, yeah. He was adamant that he wanted to hear my voice on it. So, I went into the studio and before I knew it -- before it was really even finished -- the track was chosen as the first single.

He seems like he usually gets his way. What's he like as a boss?
What you see is what you get. He knows the game and how to play it. It's a lot of politics. He's very honest and straight to the point. What he says goes.

Well, he's also pretty famously nipply. Maybe you two can bond over that.
[Laughs] I suppose.

He wears those tight t-shirts, I'm just saying.
He does! I've noticed that.

Five years into your career, you have a new manager, Alan Edwards, who also managed Amy Winhouse and Naomi Campbell. Did you choose him just in case you become an addict or start throwing tantrums?
He's brilliant. He's been with David Bowie and Prince. To have him on board now, I'm very fortunate in case I start to go down the wrong path. We believe in each other.

You've been dubbed the 'British Justin Timberlake,' but who are your musical influences?
I think it was just because of the shaven head and the stubbly beard' and the nipples [laughs]. I obviously like to sing in falsetto and hit those high notes, and that's not something a lot of people are actually doing. My influences growing up are from the Stylistics to Tom Jones to Marvin Gaye to the Bee Gees.

What, no George Michael?
Even George Michael back in the day, like 'Careless Whisper.' Back in the day he was unbelievable but since he's gone a bit wayward.

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