Catching Up With Josh Kilmer-Purcell


By Phillip B. Crook

You and Brent met online, right?
It was the old days, so it was more of a chat room. Brent had never dated another guy before, so during the course of our chat I kept asking him out and he wouldn't go out. But during the course of the chat I figured out where he worked and that he lived in Washington Heights. So I told him the next night I would be at the subway stop near his house and he could either be there or he not. And he was.

And that didn't strike you as stalking?
He always says, 'If he was determined enough to come up to Washington Heights, I figured he was either a really nice guy or really crazy.'

What about those chats compelled you to meet him like that?
He was new to New York and I was in self-imposed exile from the nightclub scene because I'd made such a mess of everything. So here was this innocent North Carolinian guy that was so exotic to me in his vanillaness. I was like, I have to get him before somebody else does.

And what struck you most when you first met?
He was so shy. I came out of the subway and he was sort of hiding in the doorway of a Chinese restaurant. I immediately knew it was him. It was the innocence -- I was like, I can really ruin this guy [laughs]. We're really opposite people.

Well, it makes for good TV! And since you are the fabulous Beekman Boys, let me pick your brain about some fellow fabulous things.
Ok -- hopefully I know what they are. I'm not that fabulous.

Designing Women.
Doesn't hold a candle to Golden Girls.

Bubble baths.
Pretty fabulous, but a little bit chemical. It's much better to be doing bath soaks.

The Oprah Winfrey Network.
Pretty fab. Getting fabber.

Sweat tea.
Sweat tea? I think that's a little trashy.

When your blacks match.
They shouldn't. You should always have one that looks a little warn. I'm all into navy blue and black now.

Unless someone's paying me, I don't dress up.

Lady Gaga.
I'd like to snark on her, but I can't. She's pretty fab.

And, just because I'm curious, do people ever think your last name is Beekman?
Yes! Everyone thinks we're brothers actually. We get called The Beekman Brothers all the time.

But the people who think we're brothers are better off thinking that. I don't volunteer any information.

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