Catching Up With Harry Hamlin


By Phillip B. Crook

Speaking of someone who thinks you're sexy, Harry loves...Lisa's lips.
I do. When I met Lisa, I had no idea that she had anything done to her lips. I love them the way they are. She confessed to me months after we got together that she had injections in her lips. I went, 'OK, that's like getting a tattoo I guess.'

It's certainly something you and Brad Pitt could bond over -- being with famous ladies with famous lips.
Well there you go. I've never used that as a conversation piece, but I will now.

Harry loves...Playboy.
One of the earlier stories in the book is when I was 11 years old my parents gave me a subscription to Playboy. I still don't know why they gave it to me at that age. I've speculated -- or I've had friends that have -- that they gave it to me because they thought I might be gay and they wanted to set the hook for me to be straight. I have no idea. Whatever reason, I was very very very happy. It was a five-year subscription and I can tell you by the end I was done. I did not renew and I've never bought a Playboy since then.

Did you ever consider posing for Playgirl?
No. I was asked many times. Lisa's done Playboy twice -- once pregnant. I thought, What a great idea, but Hef will never go for that. His whole thing is presenting recreational sex and this is procreational sex. She sent the pictures in of her pregnant belly and he went for it. I was amazed and very proud of her for shaking trees like that. This magazine had basically taken advantage of women and presented not very responsible recreational sex, so I thought it was very cool of her to do.

Harry loves...his frat status as a Delta Kappa Epsilon brother.
That was a time in all fraternities' history that they would rather forget, because fraternities did not operate at all the way they had before or since that four-year period. I was only a member because they had a room for rent and I didn't want to live on campus. As a result of being the most responsible among the stoned-out hippie drug addicts who were living in the house, I became the president sophomore year. All that meant is I was the only guy responsible enough to collect the rent checks and keep the light bulbs changed and the dog shit off the floor.

Any raunchy frat party stories you care to share?
We didn't have frat parties in those days. Nobody drank beer. People smoked pot or opium or took acid. There were no keg parties. We ate organic foods and had 14 women living in the house.

Harry loves...being a silver fox.
I might go back on that. I might renege. I like the silver, but I go where the parts are.

Well, as someone with notable man-tresses, do you have a secret to great hair?
I water it everyday.

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