Robbie Rogers: His Memoir Is Handbook for Golden Gay Generation

Always charming, the soccer player proves that gay men can be happy, healthy, and funny with his inspirational book, ...

Diva Worship: Author Michael Montlack Fêtes His Book 'Divining Divas' This Weekend in NYC

An anthology of poems dedicated to the various divas that have touched the lives of gay men.

By Editors

Relapse Blues

An addict’s journey to recovery.

By Bill Clegg

They're Not Naked, They're Nude -- Right?

A look at the eye-popping show from the Metropolitan Museum

By Editors

Crossing Over

Jonathan Galassi took a long time to come to terms with being gay. A volume of heart-wrenching poems charts his …

By Aaron Hicklin

Kathryn Schulz: What Happened to the Coming-Out Memoir?

A writer links the present lack of coming-out memoirs to recent advances in LGBT civil rights.

By Evan Lambert

The Sexy, Imaginary Art of Bruce Sargeant

Take a look at some red-hot paintings by a make-believe artist

By Editors

Slideshow: ‘Susie Says’

'Valley of the Dolls’ gets a creepy twist with a new book of photography by Gina Garan accompanied by words of wisdom …

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Male Gaze: Kehinde Wiley's Series Lingers on Israeli Men

The artist's latest exhibit, 'World Stage: Israel,' focuses on men of Israel with obvious homoerotic appeal

By Jerry Portwood

Four Art Books to Buy Now

Go exploring without leaving your living room with South Pole ($45;, a collection of photos, stories, and …

By Editors

Picture This

A beginner’s guide to buying art.

By Editors

Will X-Men be the Next Gay Comic Wedding to Watch Out For?

A mutant marriage is in the works and it just might be between two dudes.

By Joshua Gardner

Classical Nudes

Artist examples of the male form from the Metropolitan Museum's 'Naked Before The Camera' exhibit

By Editors

Bruce Sargeant at CLAMPART

A look at Sargeant's portraits of young athletes, currently on exhibit.

By Editors

The Gang's All Here

Surprising trivia about gay literary lions.

By Adam Rathe

Color Purple

Meet Bunker, the new gay superhero sensation.

By Mike Berlin

We Need to Talk About Kevin

Dan Parent, the creator of Archie's gay military hunk, admits he was inspired by Justin Timberlake—sort of

By Mike Berlin