Philip Hensher shares his favorite reads at Gays the Word in London

Huddled in London bookshop Gay’s the Word, author Philip Hensher shares his favorite out-and-proud reads.

Brett Easton Ellis Turns to Kickstarter

The 'Less Than Zero' author and Paul Schrader are using crowdsourcing to finance their indie movie 'The Canyons'

By Jerry Portwood

'Art21' Spotlights David Altmejd & assume vivid astro focus

New season of the popular PBS 'Art in the 21st Century' program includes two great gay artists as subjects

By Jerry Portwood

Two Men Talking: Edmund White & John Irving

Friends for decades, the iconic (and virile) authors talk frankly about sex, identity, and storytelling.

By Edmund White and John Irving

Interview and Slideshow: Jeremy Kost's Exhibition, 'Of An Instance'

The photographer talks about his latest show, which opens Friday, May 4, in New York City.

By Max Berlinger

Ryan McGinley Looks at Animals Instead of Boys

The photographer's latest exhibit at Team Gallery includes a colorful array of exotic creatures big and small

By Jerry Portwood

Slideshow: Jeremy Kost, 'Of An Instance'

A mix of archival imagery and new works will be shown in the artist’s latest show, presented in partnership with Hugo …

By Editors

Interview: Lara Spencer from 'Good Morning America' Shares Decorating Tips in Her Book 'I Brake for Yard Sales'

The lifestyle expert talks to us about finding diamonds in the rough, how to navigate an auction or estate sale, giving …

By Max Berlinger

Interview: Tim Goossens On Curating 'Larger Than Love' For the Berlin Biennale

The US-based art world wunderkind talks about his latest project, Berlin's hot spots, and art's ongoing love affair with …

By Max Berlinger

Sexual Camouflage: Xiyadie

Chinese artist Xiyadie uses a traditional technique to create art depicting same-sex love

By Editors

Diva Worship: Author Michael Montlack Fêtes His Book 'Divining Divas' This Weekend in NYC

An anthology of poems dedicated to the various divas that have touched the lives of gay men.

By Editors

Relapse Blues

An addict’s journey to recovery.

By Bill Clegg

They're Not Naked, They're Nude -- Right?

A look at the eye-popping show from the Metropolitan Museum

By Editors

Crossing Over

Jonathan Galassi took a long time to come to terms with being gay. A volume of heart-wrenching poems charts his …

By Aaron Hicklin

Kathryn Schulz: What Happened to the Coming-Out Memoir?

A writer links the present lack of coming-out memoirs to recent advances in LGBT civil rights.

By Evan Lambert

The Sexy, Imaginary Art of Bruce Sargeant

Take a look at some red-hot paintings by a make-believe artist

By Editors

Slideshow: ‘Susie Says’

'Valley of the Dolls’ gets a creepy twist with a new book of photography by Gina Garan accompanied by words of wisdom …

By Editors