Exclusive: Ruven Afanador's new book on the muy guapo men of flamenco

An exclusive look at photographer Ruven Afanador’s new book on the muy guapo men of flamenco

Color Purple

Meet Bunker, the new gay superhero sensation.

By Mike Berlin

We Need to Talk About Kevin

Dan Parent, the creator of Archie's gay military hunk, admits he was inspired by Justin Timberlake—sort of

By Mike Berlin

Eternal Youth

'Destroyer,' the controversial zine that objectified teen idols.

By William Van Meter

Interview: Paul Russell, Author of "The Unreal Life of Sergey Nabokov"

The author describes reconstructing the lost life of Sergey, the gay Nabokov.

By Jon Roth

The World’s Worst Prostitute

Simon Doonan explains why hooking ain’t easy.

By Simon Doonan

Active Duty

Reviewing the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell.”

By Cintra Wilson

Eating People is Wrong

Dennis Cooper has never shied away from extreme subjects. Next on the agenda? Cannibalism.

By Aaron Hicklin

Nic Sheff On Going Gay For Pay

"Tweak" author Nic Sheff explains why for him, prostitution was about more than money.

By Jon Roth

Archie Gay Wedding Cover Revealed

Kevin Keller and Clay Walker have a traditional military celebration in the upcoming comic.

By Mike Berlin

Trailer Trash: 'The Lucky One'

The featurette for Nicholas Sparks' seventh (you heard right) film adaptation elicited some strong reactions from the …

By Jon Roth

T Cooper: Essays for 'Out' magazine

A collection of essays for Out magazine by the acclaimed novelist and writer.

By Raef Harrison

Shades of Love

Photographer Dimitris Yeros delves into the world of love and romance, illustrating the works of Greek poet Constantine …

By Raef Harrison

Teen Titans Have A Flamboyant New Teammate

DC Comics introduces a new gay character in its revamped Teen Titan series. With a decidedly more flamboyant twist. …

By Raef Harrison

SLIDESHOW: Transsexual Hookers of New York's Meatpacking District

A look back at the characters who used to roam Manhattan's far west side before superclubs and stilettos took over. …

By William Van Meter

Reader's Digest

A singular syllabus from persons of note.

By Out.com Editors

Batwoman Reborn

Batwoman is out of the closet, and kicking ass

By Raef Harrison