Robbie Rogers: His Memoir Is Handbook for Golden Gay Generation

Always charming, the soccer player proves that gay men can be happy, healthy, and funny with his inspirational book, ...

Queering Inge

Director Travis Chamberlain and artist Joseph Keehn II present 'An Otherwise Hopeless Evening' at the Jewel Box Lounge …

By Jerry Portwood

Asleep at the Chateau

Photographer Jork Weismann’s new book celebrates quieter moments at the often-raucous Hollywood haunt.

By Editors

Daniel Hernandez Releases Memoir

In 'They Call Me a Hero,' the young man who helped save the life of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, explains what it's …

By Jerry Portwood

Chris Stedman: The Prophet

Chris Stedman is a gay atheist on a mission to find a common cause between the devout and the faithless. His compatriots …

By Sam Lansky

From Italy, With Men

Leslie-Lohman Museum's current exhibit, Diaries: An Anthology of Photography from Italy, reminds us of the complicated …

By Jerry Portwood

In Search of Identity at Galerie Perrotin

Works by Jean-Michel Othoniel, Johan Creten, and Pieter Vermeersch at the Parisian art destination.

By Andrew Belonsky

Finding One's Self At Galerie Perrotin

The Parisian art favorite currently features works by three very different visual artists: Johan Creten, John-Michel …

By Andrew Belonsky

DIARIES: An Anthology of Photography from Italy

Artists celebrate the male form and its beauty.

By Editors

Pink Choice: Vietnam's LGBT Couples

The portraits by photographer Maika Elan are sometimes sweet, sometimes startling

By Benjamin Lindsay

Siren Call

Sexual anthropologist Betony Vernon is on a mission. Will you join her?

By Aaron Hicklin

Warren's Whoas

Discover the kooky Koons-meets-Sherman world of photographer Jamie Warren with 'The Whoas of Female Tragedy II'

By Greg Garry

Jackie Collins: Queen Bitch

It's Jackie's world -- we just live in it.

By Maria Bustillos

Best Books of 2012

Four authors tell us their picks for their favorite reads from the past year

By Editors

WATCH: Fifty Shades of Takei

A reading of this year's best-selling erotic novel by George Takei

By Andrew Villagomez

There Are Two Swedens

Photographers Christopher Makos and Paul Solberg discuss their collaboration, 'Tattoos, Hornets & Fire: The …

By Andrew Belonsky

Bob Mizer: Artifacts

Images from a solo exhibit of the 'erotic auteur' and 'a lyrical chronicler' of the pre-Stonewall demimonde.

By Editors