Bikershot: Biker Culture Through Portraits

Photographer Cedric Lefebvre delves into a subculture that balances individualism with a strong tribal affiliation

10 Things Wayne Koestenbaum Has to Say About 'My 1980s'

The author and poet proclaims 1988 as 'the golden age of the UPS man'

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Atlanta's Legendary Drag Children Get Exhibited

A new exhibit captures Atlanta's singular drag scene, with queens posing in streets, subway stations, and suburbia. …

By Editors

17 Gay Superhero Power Couples

These men and women and sometimes shape shifters face steep odds in their search for love.

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Need to Know: The Crazy Characters in the Knotty New Thriller, 'Night Film'

A top-shelf whodunit with a gay priest, witchcraft, and a boozy starlet

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Geeking Out with Aisha Tyler

Comedian and activist discusses her new book, how Comic-Con is like pride, childhood trauma, and Metallica.

By Patrick Yacco

Why John Horne Burns Never Became a Gay Icon

With 'Dreadful,' David Margolick's biography of the maligned gay writer, he's recovered the forgotten author's greatest …

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Unexpectedly Awesome: Medieval Sea Monsters

You probably didn't realize it, but Sea Monsters are totally fetch.

By Andrew Belonsky

Bowie: Album by Album

A new coffee table book takes you through the decades of the iconic rocker.

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The 'Ender's Game' Boycott Begins

Can a gay rights group derail a homophobic writer's $110 million Hollywood picture?

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10 Lessons Learned From 60s-Era Gay Skin Mags

Who says porn is just empty calories?

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Rosalind Solomon's Portraits of AIDS

Photographer's images helped humanize misunderstood disease.

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Hard Truths at The Cock Gallery

Dan Pillers' latest show, 'Fuel for Thought,' explores marriage, life, and death.

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Dan Pillers's Cock Gallery Pieces, And More

Artist's work addresses adversity in changing times.

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WATCH: 8 Authors Talk Pride

Watch Christopher Bram, Dorothy Allison, Martin Duberman, Elana Dykewomon, Michael Nava, Joseph Caldwell, Ned Rorem, and …

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WATCH: Gay Couples Show World 'Love is Love'

Artistic duo turned the camera on Alaska's same-sex couples.

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10 Alaskan Same-Sex Couples In Love

Photographer Mitch Kitter captures tender moments in the Last Frontier

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