A Gay Ol' Tour of the 2014 Whitney Biennial


By John Hutt

From Gary Indiana to Bjarne Melgaard, our guy takes a stroll through the last exhibit to take place at the museum's Upper East Side location

Bjarne Melgaard's instillation piece stood out in the impeccably clean and white walled Whitney.

Melgaard is one of the last purposefully gritty and scummy queers who take delight in breaking every taboo available. Here he presents a video of two monkeys fucking. 

It's not all hypersexual and uncomfortable, Melgaard includes plush couches and relatively benign imagery. Except, is that a vagina monster in the lower right?

It is an interactive piece and viewers can sit on the couch shaped like lips and play with cute pillows. Yet, at the exit is Melgaard's giant purple dick (we decided we couldn't show this on the site, so you'll have to believe us). It's a disturbing image to carry while viewing the rest of the gallery.

The Whitney Biennial continues through May 25.