A 'Lost Raven' Finds His Way


By Andrew Belonsky

Comic writer Darren G. Davis came to terms with his HIV status by creating an island full of monsters.

"It is a straight male-skewed industry. I have never wanted to be labeled anything other than a hard worker," he explains. And there's no way he could be labeled anything else: in addition to Bluewater's more straightforward adventure and thriller titles, including a Logan's Run spin-off and Vincent Price presents, they publish the autobiographical Female Force series about lady leaders like Hillary Clinton, Sarah Palin, and even Olivia Newton-John.

The company's next big project will be a one-shot biography about Stonewall written by Michael Troy. "We now have a voice in biography comic book storytelling and I felt that was a story I wanted to tackle."

Before that, though, Davis hopes to get as many people to read Lost Raven as possible, and not just because he's proud of his and his art team's work, but because part of the sales go to the Evergreen AIDS Foundation, an organization that focuses on HIV prevention, treatment and services in rural America.

And in case you're wondering: Davis has indeed, despite his fears, found love post-diagnosis: He runs Bluewater Productions with Jason, his boyfriend of nine years. They have two dogs, three chickens and, according to Davis, a "boring, happy, suburban life." A happy ending if there ever was one.

Lost Raven is now available for download for Kindle, Nook, & iTunes.

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