EXCLUSIVE: First Look At 'Husbands' Comics


By Andrew Villagomez

Take a dive into the new digital comic series from the hit online sitcom by Jane Espenson and Brad Bell. Exclusive panel art included!

Make sure to keep an eye out for the Husbands' "H" logo throughout, and where the funny and bubbly (as in booze-filled ) Haley appears in some of the worlds. The first issue is available online here, for a very affordable 99 cents for all to enjoy (recommended age 14+). Artwork for the series is by Ron ChanNatalie NourigatBenjamin DeweyM.S. Corley, and Tania del Rio.


And as the last panel preview reads, "Our famous newlyweds and their tiny drunken friend swirl through a vortex of time and ink. Have they learned all the lessons that the universe is determined to teach them? Are the headed home?"

Who knows what will happen after the final issue of the series. Of course it would be amazing to see them crossover into some of the worlds of the gay heroes from DC Comics or Marvel (which if you've been out of the loop, here is a recap of the year for you).

Until next time Husbands fans!

(FYI, now only available in digital format, the printed graphic novel collection of the series will be released March 27, 2013)

Brady and Cheeks at Dark Horse Comics booth during New York Comic Con 2012

(Photograph by Andrew Villagomez)