A Chat With Jinkx Monsoon


By Julien Sauvalle

The winner of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 5 gives us her first interview after taking the crown home

What went through your mind when RuPaul called your name?

Honestly, I had to take a moment to remember that was my name! I didn't entirely believe it, and I don't think it's sunk in even yet. I'm very ecstatic; I had no idea I would get so much support.

As this season's underdog, and you took a lot of heat from some of the other queens. How did you manage to keep calm?

I was trying my best to be confident, but it's very hard to be cut off from my family and my best friends. While you're filming, you can't talk to anyone. I had to keep myself focused at all times so I could hear my own voice and not other people's voices.

What is the story behind your now famous mantra, 'Water off a duck's back'?

'Water off a duck's back' wasn't just a gimmick: It was literally what I was saying to myself on the runway. I have two wonderful drag sisters who I perform with in Seattle, Robbie Turner and Ben Delacreme. The year before Drag Race, I had gone from working solo on my burlesque cabaret to hosting the biggest drag show that happens in Seattle, An Evening At Le Faux at Julius. There was a lot of animosity between me and other drag queens because I came out of nowhere and got to one of the highest positions for a drag queen in Seattle. Robbie just said: 'Let it just be water of a duck's back. Don't even listen to this.' I could only hear her voice throughout the race, and I think it helped me a lot.