Fame Material: Callan McAuliffe


By Out.com Editors

Photography by John Russo
Styling by Ashley Weston

You know him from: The Michael Bay–produced sci-fi thriller I Am Number Four, opposite Alex Pettyfer and Dianna Agron; Rob Reiner’s ’60s junior-high romance, Flipped, with Anthony Edwards as his father.

What’s Next: Baz Lurhmann’s much-anticipated The Great Gatsby, as Leonardo DiCaprio’s young counterpart for the title role; the lead in Blue Potato, an indie coming-of-age drama also starring Aidan Gillen.

“I don’t have a ‘style’ so much as a mishmash of different clothes that are on the floor or in the drawer at any given time. I’m not one to make myself look good or even dress up unless I have to go to a photo shoot or something like that. Most of my wardrobe is really simple: T-shirts, jeans, hockey pants, and stuff like that. All recreational clothing.”