Daniel Radcliffe and Our Lady J: The Odd Couple


By Noah Michelson

OLJ: Beautiful. I've been traveling the world a bit and getting to know other trans women, and something that they're all surprised with regarding transgender people in America is that here, we mostly identify with the gay community because of the threat of violence toward us from within the straight community.
DR: [Gasps]
OLJ: In the world, I find -- generally -- many transsexuals are technically heterosexual women because gender and sexuality are different things. I wonder if we're becoming more fluid in gender and sexuality as a whole?
DR: I think that with every generation, people become more open to those ideas and more aware and more educated. But it's a really, really slow process. If you take any family with parents who are bringing their kids up in a narrow-minded way that includes homophobia, it will take a very profound moment of realization to change those deep-seated views.
OLJ: Do you think there's a stigma with men who date transgender women, or is it just kept in the dark?
DR: I think to a certain extent, there would be a stigma -- it depends on which person you're talking to. But I certainly think in this day and age it would be less of an issue. I was on the [Harry Potter] film set when all that tabloid stuff happened with us hanging out last year and none of my friends gave me shit about it. Nobody took the piss. And the film set encompasses groups from every area of society, and I have to say it's a pretty good cross-section. There was certainly no stigma.
OLJ: The tabloid obsession is something that's so new. Transgender people are a small portion of the population, but we don't have a very strong voice right now. And I think people are surprised that we integrate with society just like everyone else does. We're not just a cluster of people living on Mars, although sometimes I wish we were. [Laughs]
DR: There is a novelty factor, almost, with some people. I grew up in a world where I was aware of gay and transgender culture from a very young age, because I was brought up with a real mix of people around me. And people who have a huge, different range of experiences. But not everyone grows up in the same circumstances.
OLJ: That's why you're getting major points in tranny heaven for doing this interview, because it is exposure and it is important. Are we allowed to talk about your love life?
DR: Yes. It's very uninteresting, but you're more than welcome to.
OLJ: What's happening?
DR: I was in a relationship with somebody for just about three years, and we broke up just shortly before we hit that mark. But [the breakup] was very amicable. At the moment, I'm just being single and running around chasing girls. [Laughs] I'm not getting too many responses, but, yes, I'm having a go. I'm also starting to go on dates for the first time. I've never really done it because all my girlfriends that I've ever met, I've met through work. So we got to know each other really well at work and then kind of ended up going out.
OLJ: What is it like to go on dates as Daniel Radcliffe?
DR: It's quite nerve-racking because it's not something I'm used to. Not that I struggle with talking, but I have this incredible anxiety about awkward silences and pauses and all that stuff, which I think everybody worries about. But I get quite wound up about that beforehand. I do actually manage to get quite chatty in the end -- probably too much -- and probably a bit boring. I just try to make girls laugh. That's really the only thing I'm particularly good at on dates.
OLJ: Well that'll give the ladies of New York City something to look forward to when you're in town.
DR: [Laughs] I can't pretend I haven't thought about that a couple of times. I've already had people offering to set me up!
OLJ: Well, if you ever need any help, I have a few girlfriends.
DR: Oh, fantastic. You'll have to introduce me.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 is in theaters November 19. Our Lady J's new single, 'Hurt,' is available on iTunes.

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