Catching Up With Jeff Lewis


By Kevin Downey

Will we see him in season 4?
No. He's not interested. If I really pushed, I think he would be on the show. But with my previous relationship, which was a long relationship -- 10 and a half years -- he wanted nothing to do with the show. I didn't know this when the show was bought, but the show ended up being just about what goes on during business hours. It became more about my employees, not so much about who I'm dating. That is the precedent. Bravo isn't pushing me to see what I do after hours or where I go or who I sleep with.

In the new season, there are babies all over the place. Your house assistant, Jett Pink, has a baby, who you seem to be bonding with. Jenni is prancing around in a funny scene where she's clutching a client's baby, and she doesn't want to let go. What about you? Any babies in your future?
I'm discussing it. I keep going back and forth. I say, 'This might not be the right time.' But people always say there isn't a right time, which is probably true. I just don't want Zoila [Chavez, Lewis's housekeeper] raising the baby. I do, but I don't. I just want to be sure. I also got sidetracked. I spent so many years wealth building, but then I took a gigantic step backwards when the market fell. I lost a lot of money. I took a step backwards and now I'm trying to catch up. So, I don't think it'll happen this year. But it's possible I'll start getting serious about it next year.

There's a recurring theme on Flipping Out, which is essentially people accusing you of having obsessive-compulsive disorder. Do you ever get tired of hearing that?
I don't see it as a bad thing. I don't see it as a negative. My personality, my characteristics, my eccentricities or disorders translate into my design. I think it has assisted in my success. It also makes me feel good when people come up to me and say they do the same stuff. There are a lot of us out there. I feel less like an outsider, less like a freak. I don't know that it works in my personal life. However, I did find someone who is almost as neat and clean as I am. Which is so much better because the person I was with before was a big slob. There was a lot, a lot of tension.

The greatest thing about Flipping Out, I think, is the relationships you have with people who work for you, like Zoila and Jenni. But you talk a lot in the season 4 premiere about letting go of some of your staff. Will we see that this season?
It has been a tough season. The business has changed and I need people with different skills than I needed before. I won't spoil anything, but it has been a rough road deciding who is going to stay, if anybody, and who will go, if anybody. I think we've worked it out now, but there were bumps in the road. It's not easy for me to let anyone go. I will do whatever I can to hold onto the core group of people that I have working for me. I think you'll see that I try every which way to keep them. It's hard to find people. It's hard to replace anybody. We are a small office. We are a family. So, what I'm trying to do is have everyone step up and be what I need them to be. And if they can't be what I need them to be, maybe there's another position for them. I try to do whatever I can do.

The fourth season of Flipping Out premieres at 9 p.m. EST on Tuesday, August 10th on Bravo. For more info, check out the show's
official website.

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