Catching Up With Russell Tovey


By Ned Ehrbar

With the second season of his hit BBC series Being Human debuting stateside this fall and the third season already in production in Wales, out British actor Russell Tovey is getting used to playing a conflicted werewolf -- and shedding his clothes in just about every episode. Out caught up with him in San Diego, where he and the rest of the cast were taking in Comic-Con.

Out: Is there anything you're excited about seeing at Comic-Con as a fan?
I really want to see Scott Pilgrim, and I hear there are screenings but I don't know if we're going to get a chance to go to them. It looks so brilliant. I think Michael Cera is awesome and Edgar Wright is obviously an amazing director. I didn't realize it was [based on] comic books. That's what I'm excited about, definitely.

How has the reaction to Being Human been?
Huge, brilliant. Really amazing. Everyone's really behind it. They're really excited about it. [Costar] Sinead [Keenen] thought that nobody would've seen the second season, and I was like, 'I promise you, Sinead, that everybody here will have illegally downloaded it. Don't panic about it.' And they have. Everybody's seen it. We don't mind that. That's good for us. I mean, probably the people, the Man, is not excited about that. But it's good for us. We're pro'illegal action.

Have you started the third season?
Yeah, we've finished the first block, three episodes are now complete. We start the second block on Monday and that's exciting, and it's going very well. And it's nice to do it in the summertime in Cardiff.

I would imagine, considering how much nudity you have to do for the show.
It's quite nice, yeah. But actually when you're cold, your body gets tighter and toned up anyway.

You have to do fewer sit-ups right before the cameras roll.
Yes, exactly.

How daunting was the nudity when you started the show?
Thinking back, quite daunting. I think you feel pressure as an actor when you've got to be on screen that you want to make sure you look -- I mean, George is not going to be a ripped Daniel Craig machine. He's just an average guy.