Catching Up With Kelly Killoren Bensimon


By Joseph Hassan

And that's what you're going to be doing? That's going to happen?
Yep. It's going to happen.

That's really interesting --
While everyone else is so worried about what they are going to look like, I want people to see me. I want people to see me making really bad mistakes and how I come up with a solution to fix it.

Has that ever been done before?
No -- people don't do that, people don't want people to see how they work.

Well it gets back to the self-editing concept -- just putting yourself out there completely for everyone to see.
Why not?

Are you excited about that or does it make you nervous?
I am really excited about it. I am nervous because what if I look like crap or something, but I mean apart from that [laughs]' I guess the vanity part, but that's it. I would love for people to see watch me make mistakes -- I would love it.

From a logistical perspective, how does that work? Are there stationary cameras in your office, just capturing everything all the time or are you still followed by a camera crew?
No, no. For the live stream basically you can actually do it on your iPhone. There is actually a live stream application that you can actually live stream what you do all the time. It's brilliant. Brilliant. So you can actually edit yourself if you want to. I don't really want to. When I am in the office I want people to see how I work.

It sounds like people are going to get an opportunity to make their own call about who you are as a person as opposed to what has been edited down for TV. Do you agree with that?
That's not really the reason I am doing it. I am not really doing it because I want people to judge me. I am doing it because I want to expose people to this amazing opportunity that I have.

Right. What I'm saying is that I think people might be surprised by the fact that the Kelly that they see now with all of this live footage is not necessarily the Kelly that they made initial judgments about from Housewives --
Oh, yeah. But, listen, let's not badmouth what I got from The Real Housewives. If I didn't take the chance to go on Real Housewives, I would never in a million years be able to sell an earring for Feeding America because no one would really care. I would never be able to go on live stream because no one would really care. And so from every single dramatic movement that happened, I will never regret any moment. I will never regret any fight, any tear, anything that I ever said because it was most the amazing opportunity and it's given me the voice I could never in a million years get.

So you see Housewives as a stepping-stone for what is next to come?
Yeah. And I am grateful for it. It's going to a good year. You know, everybody knows the problems -- why can't we come up with different solutions? And that's like what I like. I like teaching in a different way and if it doesn't work we can always do something. What's the big deal?

It sounds like obviously there are a lot of new elements to this new position. Is it for a publication or is it something that is totally new?
I can't tell you that [laughs]. But, it's going to be different. It's totally innovative and it's something that I am so proud of because finally I'm able to do what I love and that's my motto: Do what you love. I'm running a half marathon in three weeks for the Red Cross and that's really exciting, too. So it's like all these different opportunities have come from fighting.

Right, right --
Fighting is going to be an incredible vehicle for me. [Laughs.]

Not one you were necessarily expecting, but it seems to have worked out OK.
Because I realize what it is. I'm not taking it personally. If my best friend ever spoke to me in a way that one of the women spoke to me on television I would be speechless. I wouldn't know how to repair a situation like that. But we're on-camera friends and you just brush it off because it doesn't really matter. They don't care and so you can't care.

And you probably realized through each little stab and each insult that it's actually helping you in the long run?
Right, right. I just feel that out of everything there is something positive. Every single situation has always got something positive. That's how I think.

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