Need to Know: Klinko and Indrani


By Dustin Fitzharris

Indrani, you have a book coming out this fall called Image Craft. It's about re-creating yourself and developing an image. How can the noncelebrity out there create an image?
Indrani: In our society it is extremely important for everyone to create their own image. Noncelebrities just as much. Everything now is so image-based. It's virtual. Your Facebook. Your LinkedIn. Those are things potential employers are going to look at before they even meet you. That's become standard now. There are a lot of people who haven't put the thought into sculpting an image. Also, when you meet people in person, the way you dress, the way you talk and your body language conveys so much about you. A lot of people don't put the effort in making sure those things correspond with who they really are.

Is there anyone you'd still like to work with?
Klinko: Madonna is the first that comes to mind. We would love to work with the Obamas. Taking a presidential power picture is definitely on the top of our list.
Indrani: For me it's Brad and Angelina. I'd love to shoot them together. I'd like to do some extremely sexy images.
Reid: I'd like to work with Charlize Theron and Megan Fox. I'd also love to work with Oprah.

You've described your images as 'your children' and because of that it's hard to pick one that's your favorite. However, is there one that you're really proud of?
Indrani: For me it's the pictures we took of my school [SEE School] in India. They are the closest to my heart. The final episode of the show we go to India. It's extremely moving.
Reid: I loved Iman.

Before we go there is one final thing we have to discuss, and it's for you Indrani. You probably already know what it's about, but we want to know what is going on with you and Lindsay Lohan.
Indrani: I was very excited about shooting Lindsay. I've said that before, and it's grown into a bigger story. I think she's extremely attractive and intelligent. I think she has huge potential. I think she's totally misunderstood. She's someone I got to know, and I enjoy the time we spend together.

OK, but what is the romantic situation?
Indrani: There's definitely this ' [pauses]' What can I say? I try to keep my relationships private. Let's leave it at that. Markus made some comment, which I was very upset about because talking about one's private life is generally not a great idea.
Klinko: Let me just jump in. A couple comments I made got a worldwide spin. Suddenly it became a six-month relationship. It is what it is. The media loves to sensationalize.
Indrani: There's never some smoke without some fire. There are pictures out there of us. We definitely have a lot of things there. It's not the way things are being portrayed. Even my family in India has been questioned about me being a lesbian.

Are you a lesbian?
Indrani: I think everyone is bisexual. Society pushes us in one direction, but we get attracted to different people. I think attraction is constantly changing. I think it's one of the beautiful things in life. There are so many possibilities. For me, sexuality is a very raw and powerful thing. It can happen anywhere, and it's magic when you do fall in love.

Are you in love with Lindsay?
Indrani: Lindsay is someone I find incredibly special. I tend to gush about her because I do think she's pretty terrific. There are so many more important questions in the world like what's going on with the oil spill or what's going on with our government invading various countries. Yes, it's fun, but people want to be distracted.

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