Face to Face: Jincey Lumpkin


By Noah Michelson

What would you say to someone who tells you "No matter what kind of porn it is, it's objectifying women."
I hear that all the time, actually. As far as porn objectifying women, I don't believe that that's true. First of all, there've been pornographic images since the beginning of time. There's been prostitution since the beginning of time. We're all here because somebody fucked somebody, so let's not kid ourselves. I think it's OK, you know, if the women are fine with it, that's OK. I try to make sure that in my porn the women feel empowered, and I never make them do anything that they don't want to do. They are there doing it because that's what they like to do. They enjoy doing that for a living, they find fulfillment in that, and I feel like I'm giving this space to them for them to grab that power. Now, that said, I, for instance, don't feel comfortable going in front of the camera like that. So I think each person has to reach their own comfort level, and I would never want to force somebody to do that. I think that that would be, if there were any sort of objectification, it would be forcing somebody to do something that they didn't want to do.

What exactly is your role in the production of the films?
Well, I'm the Chief Sexy Officer of Juicy Pink Box, so I run everything day to day -- I do everything that comes to the video series. For the first series, I did not direct, I just produced. But that pretty much means everything from casting everybody and hiring all the crew, to seeing it out even through post-production. I do 85% of the editing myself. I'm kind of like the Hugh Hefner of Juicy Pink Box. So, I'm not in front of the camera, I'm behind the scenes -- I'm creating everything, I'm building all the concepts and I'm building the image that is Juicy Pink Box.

How has it been received so far?
Everybody loves it. We've had a real spurt in membership growth, especially lately. Everybody is really happy. I screened here at CineKink in New York, this kinky film festival, and so many women came up to me afterward and said, "Thank you so much for making something like this. This is the kind of porn that I've been wanting to see for a long time, but that nobody has made." So that is a big success to me, when somebody can come to me and say exactly like the way that I felt. I mean, I really did this because, you know, I never saw out there what I wanted to see. So to be able to provide that for the market I want to provide it for is huge.

You're engaged. How does your fianc'e feel about your job?
She's great. She's fantastic. I actually met her in that period of time when I was single, and I started writing the sex blog. So I had to have the discussion with her, on one of our early dates, that I was writing this blog. I didn't feel comfortable going through that process and getting more serious and dating without being honest with her. So after a bottle of wine at dinner, I said, "So listen. I'm writing this sex blog, and I'm writing about you. So here, if you want to go and read it, read it." And it was really hard for her, at first, to read about the sex that I had with other people, and I think that that's difficult anytime that you're dealing with that. Like, who wants to ever hear about that stuff? But, since that day, she really came to a decision that she was going to support me 100%, and she has. She's there for me if I have a bad day, I cry on her shoulder. Like, she's there for me in the happy times, when we want to celebrate. And she comes by the set. You know, she's great. She's my number 1 biggest supporter.

What do you think the biggest misconception about the porn industry is?
Well, that it has to be one specific way. That's, really, is what I'm trying to do with my porn -- to create this new niche. And, so, I would say to people, whatever you think lesbian porn is, it doesn't have to be that. It doesn't have to be these like big, fake nails and, like, nasty sex, it can be hot, and it can be sexy. And also, with that, what's prevalent in sex is girl-on-girl stuff. So it's like very feminine girls having sex with an even more feminine girl. In my stuff, I try to encompass a range of feminine beauty, from really feminine, to more butch, and kind of everything in between. But everyone is really hot, styled, and lit well. And, yeah, it can be sexy and it can still be real.

Lastly, what do you think makes a porno really hot?
Real attraction between the people. I can usually tell how the scene is going to be between the two people before they start shooting together. You learn these things on set. Sometimes the two will go away and kind of make out in a corner because we don't have fluffers, obviously. So they're going to fluff themselves. Sometimes they'll do breathing exercise together. And you can tell when they're -- it's like their eyes lock together, and you can see that real connection there. And when that's there, you know that whatever happens, whether it's more passionate love making or more, like, hardcore S&M-type fucking that it's gonna be a good scene.

For more information about Lumpkin and Juicy Pink Box, visit Juicy Pink Box's official website.

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