Need To Know: The Court Yard Hounds


By Dustin Fitzharris

Any other advice you were given?
Get another singer. Kick Natalie to the curb. They'd say, 'Get rid of her, she was always trouble anyway.' Emily and I would just laugh. That was never on our minds.

What has been the reaction to the Court Yard Hounds so far?
I'm surprised at the lack of negativity that's been out there.

There's a song on the album called 'Fairytale.' What is your idea of a fairy tale?
Oh, this is so clich'. Basically it's my husband. He's proven to be my fairytale. We've been together for 11 years. This is my second marriage. I keep telling all my first-time married friends who are going through divorces or having trouble, 'It's all about the second marriage.' You get another chance. That's what's great. Fairy tales can happen the second time around.

In terms of music, what's on your iPod?
I'm trying to seek out music that's not mainstream. Somebody turned me on to Ana Egge. She's a singer/songwriter from Brooklyn, and her music is awesome. At some point she wants to collaborate with me, and I just feel so honored. I also like Bob Snyder from Austin. My kids do too. And Augustana. I just love them.

Emily always says that you get all the girls? Why do you think you're a 'chick' magnet?
I always say that I wink at them. Maybe I appeal. I don't know. It would just turn out that I would have the female, gay following migrate to my side of the stage.

Is she jealous?

This summer the Dixie Chicks are touring with the Eagles? How will the Court Yard Hounds fit into that mix? Are you just going to tell Natalie it's time for her to leave the stage?
We'd more than likely be opening for the Dixie Chicks. I don't think we want to go on after the Dixie Chicks. It's really two distinct shows. We play an hour before the Eagles. We have the same core band, so that's great. They just have to learn extra material.

What else is in store?
We're doing the Lilith Fair tour. The Chicks aren't, but we are. We're a totally different paycheck. But, you know what, I'm happy with that. I'm really hoping that Chicks fans don't feel like they have to choose. They can be Chicks fans and Hounds fans. The reality is Natalie is so happy for us.

For more information about the Court Yard Hounds, visit their official website.

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